#BB16 End of Season Interview with @UgotBronx

LogoEvery summer I watch Big Brother, it is my guilty pleasure.

A few seasons back, I started following the chat boards and spoiler sites, it took my interest in the show to a whole new level.

I was amazed at the time these people, who kept their followers updated, must be spending each year.  Watching the live feeds, can be an arduous task.

As the season was ending this year, I contacted a few of my favorite bloggers with questions on how it is done and their thoughts on Big Brother 16.

I appreciate Michele aka @UgotBronx for stepping up to the challenge!

Michele was my “go to” early mornings during the season.  She literally would transcribe the entire overnight goings-on in the house.  It amazes me that her attention to detail is so vast, thanks Michele, your hard work is appreciated!

1) What is your general impression of the season?

  • My general impression of the season started with high hopes on having new fresh blood I mean cast. However, it was quickly diminished by the lack of drama and the ability for anyone to actually want to think for their own or make a move beyond that of a “group” decision.

2) What was your favorite moment during BB16? 

  • My favorite moment in the house was when the Jury members got to come back into the house and destroy it! I loved seeing the Houseguest’s faces that were up in the HOH room.

3) During the season, how many hours a day/week do you spend watching?

  • I watched this BB16 season every day of the week, almost 10- 14 hrs a day. I can say I might have missed about 5 days out of the entire season. I spent the BB16 season transcribing the live feeds for www.Hamsterwatch.com/forum

4) From your initial impression to the end of the game, which house guests surprised you the most and why?  

  • The Houseguest that surprised me the most was Donny. Through out the season I did what many people did and that was root for the underdog. Through the game Donny went from isolation to Team America and then thought of as Mastermind Manipulator through the eyes of the other HG’s. I however saw someone who was not willing to change much of their ways to accommodate an ever-changing game that is Big Brother. In the game of Big Brother you MUST be willing to adapt whether it’s from day one when you step into the house or day 45. If you do not adapt or change you will eventually be evicted. Donny, being a fan of the show knew this but chose not to do the obvious which was adapt and change.

5) If you were given a magic wand and could change anything about the show, what would it be?  

  • If I was given a magic wand to change the show I would have never given Frankie a platform where he publicly used 20 minutes of air time via TVGN and The Live Feeds to mourn the death of his grandfather. I am very sorry for his and his families lose however, Big Brother was never a place where one can manipulate that chunk of time SOLO to gain the viewers sympathy and/or attention. Big Brother is supposed to be played with “none production” interference. And even though it was something he wanted to do, it clearly showed preferential treatment towards him. Now do I think that impacted anyone’s game? NO I do not but it’s my magic wand isn’t it? =)

6) Did the right person win BB16? 

  • Yes the right person won. Derrick worked everyone around him like he was the coach of a pee wee league football game. He knew the play, told them where to stand and even-handed them the ball and cleared the blockers for his players to run. Derrick deserved to win 100%!

7) How long after the season ends does it take you to start getting psyched for BB17? 

  • I usually do not get psyched for the next season till the casting calls have been officially close. After 16 seasons I have learned never to think that what I may want will play a part of the next season so I do not get invested or my hopes up.

Thanks Michele, I look forward to your insights on BB17!

2 thoughts on “#BB16 End of Season Interview with @UgotBronx

  1. phill53 says:

    I am a fan, friend & long time follower of ” Bronxy ” – she’s provided me an answer to many chat’s, text’s & the question’s I’ve had about many subject’s over the years – I enjoy seeing here postings & know of few that do as much or as often as she has that follow multiple reality show’s – So I wanted to just say “thanks”, Bronxy, U R Gr8 …


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