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Project Runway LogoI have no doubt the pace of Project Runway is grueling.  The contestants go from one competition to the next and it must be difficult for their bodies, their brains and their creativity.

It seems like every year, when you get down to this point in the season one of the contestants has a meltdown…..  this season is no different.

This week, the designers received a clue to their assignment via an early morning iPad announcement from Heidi.

The designers were instructed to meet Tim and upon arriving they were paired into teams of two for another unconventional materials challenge.




The teams of two, selected from the velvet bag are…..

Sean KellyChar Glover

Sean & Char

Korina EmmerichEmily Payne

Korina & Emily

Kini ZamoraAmanda Valentine

Kini & Amanda

The gist of the challenge is, designers are competing in an auction.  They are bidding on five storage containers.

The teams of Sean/Char and Korina/Emily each got two storage units, Kini/Amanda got one.

Tim instructs the designers that they must create two cohesive looks.  Designers get down to business on a two-day challenge.

Early morning day 2, Tim arrives and tells the designers they now have to add a third look, also cohesive that should be a joint project between the members of the team.  Designers can go to Mood for fabric to be used on the third look only.

The Judges

The morning of day three, the contestants arrive at the runway for judging.  In addition to the fabulous Heidi Klum and Nina Garcia.  Plus Posen, this week’s guest judge is Christian Siriano, Project Runway’s greatest success story.

As usual, Christian Siriano is pixy perfect, his genuine knowledge of what is fresh in the design world is evident and his comments, never intended to embarrass the contestants, are helpful and spot on…… in other words, everything the bitter old queen Zac Posen is not!

The Runway

This week’s stand out design team was Kini and Amanda.  I loved their designs and thought the creativity was impressive.  Using a painting found in their storage unit as inspiration, I could easily see a young starlet wearing the designs they created….  BRAVO, to both.

Kini was chosen the overall winner for his soccer ball dress.

Kini 13 Amanda 13 Amanda 13 -1

The other teams landed far behind Kini and Amanda.  It was evident that one team member carried the team and the other was a dead weight.

Team Sean/Char had good cohesion, but their aesthetic wasn’t good and basically, impossible to wear.

Sean 13 Seasn 13 -1 Char 13

Team Korina/Emily tried to use the items found in their storage bin to the best of their ability.  IMHO, they had the best to choose from and their looks reminded me of vintage shop finds.

Emily 13 Emily 13 -1 Korina 13

Korina and Char are selected as the weakest designers of the runway show.  Char’s dated design gets heavy criticism and Korina’s tired fabric choice and native American themes gets ripped.


The judges go back and forth between Korina and Char as their choice for elimination.  While in the designer’s lounge, Korina goes into full breakdown mode.

Her comments about Char are vicious.  With “she’s already been eliminated once,” as the general theme.  Evidently Korina doesn’t understand the “Tim Save,” which he used to bring Char back.

With the judges split, Heidi “gets an idea.”  Anyone who has seen PR in the past, knows what’s coming next.

The old 1 hour challenge to create a new look.

Char and Korina are sent to the design room with their partners to design any look they want in one hour.  Korina is a bundle of emotion, nastiness and you can see her fate coming from miles away.

As the designers come back to the runway to present their looks, Korina rolls her eyes and cries.

Char presents a blue cocktail dress with movement and flair.  Char’s look could have walked the runway for any challenge, she did a great job.

Char 13 - OT

Korina brought out a color block black and white ill-fitting, poorly made dress with neon green piping.  Korina made bad fabric choices and there simply was no design.  At one point Korina said, she felt like as long as she put a dress on the runway she would win.

Korina 11 - OT

Korina was wrong, she couldn’t just put something on the runway and win.  Korina was beaten handily by Char, fair and square.

Korina’s bad attitude and insults continued into the lounge after she was eliminated.  It is unfortunate that someone of her talent acted with a lack of respect for her fellow designers.  Korina could have gone further, her attitude was a road block to her success.

Eating Crow…

At the beginning of the season I made my prediction for Final Three based on initial impressions.  My last hope was eliminated this week.

My final three predictions were…..

Korina Emmerich Herman Lander Alexander Knox

Korina, Herman and Alexander

Shows what I know.  Now, I am predicting….. Amanda, Kini and Sean with the ultimate winner…..

Sean Kelly Sean



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