COMMENTARY – Dustin Lance Black Acts Out

Sam Smith Oscar

It appears the Dustin Lance Black got his knickers in a bunch last night when Sam Smith misspoke during his OSCAR acceptance speech.

Black went off on Sam via Twitter (where else) and then proceeded to insinuate that Sam was trying to contact his fiance via text message.  MEOW!

Instead of being gracious and congratulating Sam, Dustin Lance Black attempted to embarrass him.

It’s too bad that DLB had to “educate” Sam in such a bitchy way.

Sam Smith was excited and had reached a career highlight that has now been tarnished by a bitter queen.  It seems as though DLB is more interested in sharing his life via Instagram than creating new movies that could one day be recognized by the Academy.

Your actions were childish Dustin, you have a few less fans today because of your attitude and treatment of a fellow gay man.

One of our greatest challenges in our community is the way we treat each other DLB proves to be a bitter bully, while Sam Smith continues to act like an adult and celebrate his victory!

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