What Are the Most Homophobic Cities in the Nation provided by @LGBTQNation w/ COMMENTARY from @Gay50Blog


Planning a trip? You may want to avoid Buffalo, NY, Arlington, TX and Riverside, CA.

These are the nation’s top three antigay cities, according to new analysis of hateful language on Twitter.

Adobo.com — a site that helps perspective tenants find apartments — pored over 12 million tweets written between June 2014 and December 2015. They looked for tweets that contained slurs and other derogatory language against LGBTQ people, as well as several other minority groups.

The slurs searched for included “f*g,” “fa*got,” “homo,” “dyke,” “sodomite,” and “lesbo,” among others.


Read the complete story here.

COMMENTARY:  I am a proud southerner, born and bred.  I have lived in other parts of the country and continue to come back to the South.

For years, southerners have been maligned as backwards, homophobic, racist.

I find it interesting if you look at the poll of the top 10 cities, 3 are southern.  While 50% of the cities listed as anti-gay are found in California, the state that boasts its modernity, acceptance for all and “advanced thinking.”

The number one, most homophobic city as documented by the above poll, comes from the liberal bastion of New York state.

The poll is telling as to where the country really stands.

I’m not saying there aren’t racist misogynistic homophones in the south, there are….but before you label all of us into that category, please check the facts and realize idiots are found everywhere.

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