President Obama to Skip Nancy Reagan Funeral….. A Commentary


COMMENTARY:  This afternoon White House Press Secretary,Josh Earnest announced that President Obama would not be attending the funeral of former First Lady Nancy Reagan on Friday.

Instead the President will send First Lady Michelle Obama as his representative.

Why will the President not be able to attend?  A peace treaty, meeting with the United Nations, a summit with other world leaders?  NO… the President will be speaking at the South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive Festival in Texas.

SXSW is a yearly interactive music festival that takes place in San Antonio.   This year, the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES is skipping the funeral of a former FIRST LADY to speak at SXSW.

The festival begins on Friday and runs for 10 days, one would think the somewhere in the schedule a change in speakers line up could have been made to allow the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES to attend the funeral of a former First Lady.

Evidently President Obama was unable to change his schedule.  The SXSW Interactive Festival takes priority.

In his final State of the Union address this past January, President Obama commented that one of the few regrets of his Presidency had been that rancor and suspicion has increased.

He promised the American people he would continue to try to “be better” as long as he was our President.

Since making his speech in January; where he pledged to keep working towards a more  civil DC and America, the President of the United States has skipped the funeral of the leading conservative on the United States Supreme Court and now, he will skip the funeral of the “mother of the modern Conservative movement.”

Simple gestures make a difference Mr. President.  More than any President in our history, Barack Obama understands optics, he KNOWS what his absence from these funerals is saying.

One has to think, by his actions the President is thumbing his nose at any form of civility that could have been created by just showing some respect for those who may have differed with him in opinion, but dedicated their lives to the United States of America, just as he has done.

Mr. President,  you don’t want civility, it is obvious you are already checked out.  Mr. President you have moved from governing, leading and healing to attending rock concerts and playing golf.

Admit it Mr. President, you don’t care anymore, you are just counting the days until you can get out of the big house and start making millions on the book and speaking circuit.

President Obama, if you have a modicum of respect for the office to which you were elected, start showing that respect.  The American people deserve better!


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