Oscar 88 Recap.

chris-rock-racial-oscarsWas it just me or were the Oscars a bit meh?

I thought Chris Rock did a great job and his opening monologue was awesome, coupled with the President of the Academy and Kevin Hart’s comments hit a perfect cord, I thought the rest of the race stuff was just too much.

My favorite line was when he reminded Jada Pinkett Smith that she wasn’t invited to the show.  #micdrop

The Girl Scouts bit was cute, but too much of an Ellen pizza copy.

I saw two of the nominated movies this year.  “The Martian” and “Room,” both were good movies but were they some of the best of the year….. hhhmmmmm.

I was happy that Brie Larson won, although I thought the real winner and best actor of the movie was Jacob Tremblay.

Glad that Leo won, but I don’t need a lecture about the environment  from a guy making 20 million a movie living in his mansion with pool and riding in limos.

I was pissed that Sylvester Stallone lost and the girl that won Best Supporting Actress… no idea.

Gaga was great.  Sam Smith seemed to have an Adele/Grammy moment.

Note to Sam, if you are going to quote LGBTQ history, know what you are talking about, you were the first gay to win if you leave out Elton John, Marvin Hamlisch, Dustin Lance Black, Melissa Etheridge,  Jodie Foster and more.

Overall, it was an OK show.  B-

For a full list of winners check http://www.nytimes.com/2016/02/29/movies/oscar-winners.html?_r=0


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