Are You Prepared to Give Your Own Privacy Away?

Tom HardyThis week Tom Hardy refused to answer a question about his sexuality during a press conference at the Toronto Film Festival.

The gay-mafia has gone apoplectic that he wouldn’t answer the question.

One leading gay commentator went so far as to say if you think the question wasn’t fair you are just “dead wrong.”

Well, no we aren’t dead wrong and NO, Tom Hardy owes no one an answer to that question.

Tom Hardy is entitled to his privacy, just like every other human on the planet.

IF, Mr. Hardy wants to answer questions about his sexuality, I am sure he can set up an interview to do so.  Possibly even with one of the critics who think it was so wrong for him to protect his own privacy.

However, until Tom Hardy, or any other person on the planet, decides it is your business to know what their sexual proclivities are, you should mind your own business and show some respect.

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