@CBSBigBrother – Season 17 First Impressions #BB17


I’ve been traveling with work and then on vacation, so my start to Big Brother Season 17 happened late.

I finally got around to watching last night after staying away from the boards, tweets and blog posts since the season began.  I have now binged and caught up.

One week, four HOH competitions and one eviction in, here are my FIRST IMPRESSIONS……



Audrey – the first transgender contestant in Big Brother history.

She will be interesting to watch, it is obvious she knows the show, at some point I think her knowledge is going to get in the way.

Audrey needs to sit back and let others be the power players for a while, she is likable and could have a story to share that will benefit others, I hope her game-play doesn’t derail her summer.







Austin – this guy could be a factor all summer.  He made a mistake partnering with Jace, but since that virus has now been removed I think he will reevaluate.

A haircut and shave at some point this summer would really be appreciated.

He is smart and strong, if he flies under the radar for a few weeks he can sneak up on the others and take this to the end.








Becky – my prediction for the woman who will make it the furthest in the game.

She is smart, personable and athletic.  If a woman wins this season it will be Becky.










Clay – ok, allow me to state the obvious….. CLAY IS HOT!!!!!!!!!!!

Allow me to state the obvious….. these people better not evict him anytime soon because CLAY IS HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!










Davonne – playing way too hard.

She can go far, but she has to keep it in check.  Davonne has already lost her temper a couple of times, she needs to learn to compartmentalize.

She may also know too much about the game, knowledge is power, too much knowledge is Rain Man!








Jace – I really never thought CBS could find a more annoying Jace than the original….. but they did ten-fold.

This dude is every bad parody of a contestant on Big Brother.  It’s like he studied the most annoying parts of all those we have hated for 16 previous seasons and decided to be that character…….. SO GLAD HE IS EVICTED FIRST, he can now go back to his skateboard.

My favorite part of the season so far was his blindside when he realized he wasn’t loved by his housemates…… if he only knew!






Jackie – she is hot, she has a background in Reality TV and knows when to lay low.

She will become annoying quickly, but she will make it to the sequester house.










James – could this guy a bigger dichotomy?  That thick southern accent on a guy of Asian descent, he is hilarious!

He is pretty strong and knows the game.  Will be fun to watch.










Jason – the summer gay.

SUCH an improvement over last season’s Frankie!

Jason showed everyone there was more to him than they thought in the first HOH competition.

Jason is likable and as long as he keeps his head on his shoulders can go far.








Jeff – is he the best The Amazing Race has to offer?

He’s ok, but really………….










John – if he thinks he is going to be the dental equivalent of Dr. Will, he is mistaken!

I think John will be out within the first few weeks.










Liz – the twin twist.

Both twins will come into the game….. both twins will be eliminated shortly thereafter.










Meg – I like her a lot.  I think her housemates like her.  I would love to see her make it until the end, I am afraid she will be the girl who gets hurt just before the finale.










Sheli – ok, she is that girl this season.

The divorced woman that flirts with the younger guy.  She gets her feelings hurt a few weeks in when he doesn’t have the same feelings she does and has a melt down.  She is evicted shortly thereafter.









Steve – errr Dunbar, Donny or Ian Terry or……. well you get the idea.











Vanessa – she is playing smart so far, by flying under the radar.

Her poker skills SHOULD come in handy, it will be interesting to see how her social game develops.

She will have the strategy and if she can get some others to do her dirty work she can go far.  Her journey will be interesting to watch.  I predict she will fall just short of the sequester house.




And that’s it folks, my first impressions….. a week in.  I will circle back in a few weeks and see how things stand.

Hopefully we are in store for a good summer!

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