@SiriusXM @OutQ Cancels @DNRShow


Yesterday in a posting on their social media pages, Derek and Romaine announced that their show has been cancelled.

SiriusXM let us know today that after 12 years on the air, our show has been cancelled. Best of shows will air tonight through Friday to complete the week and then that will be it. Both of us want to thank you for listening and participating all of these years. Your loyalty and dedication have meant a lot to us and it has not gone unnoticed. If you are booked on the DNR Cruise this fall, it will go on as planned and we will be contacting you soon directly (or if you have been thinking about joining us, well this is probably your best chance). We are sure many of you are upset about this news but we ask that you be respectful if you post about this anywhere else online or if you feel the need to contact Customer Care. Please (AND ESPECIALLY) don’t contact or harass any other SiriusXM shows about this. It’s not appropriate and we won’t stand for it. Thank you for joining us on this amazing ride we have been on together. We couldn’t have done it without you.

As a long-time fan of DNR, I was surprised by the decision from SiriusXM.  The loyal listeners know DNR are devoted to their community, entertaining and professional.  Their show will be missed.

While I had hoped this wasn’t true when I first read the post, it appears to be real, although in scouring the SiriusXM website, no mention of being cancelled can be found and the show still appears on the line-up for next week.

What is most unfortunate is, the SiriusXM – OutQ channel is lacking in talent, Derek and Romaine are true performers.  While I enjoy some of the shows on the channel, how many more “Feel the Spin” shows can we be subjected to?

As SiriusXM subscribers and OutQ fans, we deserve a quality line-up.  Hopefully SiriusXM will recognize this and bring us shows that are informative and entertaining….. The Derek and Romaine Show is that type of programming.

3 thoughts on “@SiriusXM @OutQ Cancels @DNRShow

  1. Cameron Atkison says:

    I am very sorry to hear their show has been cancelled. They provided a very positive approach to life and to the wider Gay Community. I listen to the Morning Jolt and to Frank DeCaro when driving, and to DNR also when driving and find them very entertaining. I was disappointed when Signorelli was taken off and moved to another channel it was a very refreshing time frame. I do tune out between 6 and 8, but then I am not in the demographic being sought for that program. It is a sad commentary on where the OUTQ channel has gone and is going that now we are left with only the morning and early afternoon to listen to anything,. If I have listened to Frank once a day that is enough, and sometimes Larry can be enough after a few minutes. If Lance Bass is expanded to the entire night come Monday it is fortunate there are plenty of other channels to listen to and tune him out.


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