GAY50 Questions – @GovernorPerry

Rick PerryYesterday, former Texas Governor, Rick Perry (R) joined the field as a candidate for President of the United States.  This is Mr. Perry’s second run for the highest office in the land and he joins an already crowded field for 2016.

In my continuing series, I have five questions for Mr. Perry as he tosses his hat into the ring.

As an American Voter, it would be awesome to think a candidate seeking my vote would answer the questions, I suffer from no fantasy that would make me believe they actually will.  I am still waiting for Senator Lindsey Graham to answer from last week.

Five Questions for Rick Perry: 

1) In 2012, you couldn’t remember the names of the three federal agencies you would eliminate.  In 2016, do you plan on eliminating any agencies and if so, can you name them?

2) Last year you compared homosexuality to alcoholism.  You have since stepped back from this comment and said you “stepped in it.”  Please tell me, do you think homosexuality is a choice, a disease, a condition… how exactly do you view homosexuality?

3) You believe the retirement age should be raised, how high and what do you tell the American people who are in that age valley who will be affected?

4) You say Obamacare should be repealed and states should take it over.  As the former Governor of Texas, please tell me how you would insure your residents?

5) Admittedly you have had a number of verbal foibles through the years.  For the most part you have been able to move past them.  What happens when we elect you President and you are in talks relating to World Peace and one of your foibles comes off as a personal insult for Vladimir Putin or the leader of ISIS or the Taliban?

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