GAY 50 Commentary – Farewell to @MadMen_AMC on @AMC_TV w/ SPOILERS

Mad_Men_Season_7,_Promotional_PosterGAY 50 COMMENTARY – I was late to the Mad Men love-affair.  I didn’t start watching until 4 seasons in and had to do massive binge to catch up.

Even after bingeing, it still took me some time to really get into Mad Men.  Don Draper annoyed me and I can honestly say until the final scenes on last night’s Series Finale, he still annoyed me.

While I was never a Draper fan, I grew to love the other characters and eventually became a Mad Men loyalist.

So, last night was the finale, I spent the weekend catching up on the final four episodes so that I would be prepared.

I’m not going to over analyze the finale because many others will do that.

What I will say is, I think every character ended up where they need to be.  I cringed a bit at first with the Pete and Roger couplings, but I can live with them.

I love that Joan found her voice and finally trusted her own ability and Peggy found more for her own life than just her career.

As the curtain comes down on the show, my heart aches for Sally.  This character was always one of my favorites because she saw through Don more than anyone else.

I feel for her because she is caught between her father’s insanity and the loss of her mom.  Moving forward, I hope Sally is able to find peace.  I hope she embraces Betty’s longing for family and Don’s free spirit, instead of their pained dominant character traits.

And then there is Don.  Since leaving on his cross-country adventure I basically tuned out, I grew more and more impatient with the characterization we found in Don.

Spreading money across the country, I kept waiting for him to finally come to terms with the privileged life he had created and grow up.  After his phone conversation with Sally, I lost any possible respect I could have for him, no matter what, there comes a time to suck it up and be a father…. Don, didn’t do that.

And then, Don hits the ocean side hills.  Once Don and Peggy spoke on the phone, I knew how the show would end, for me it became crystal clear once she mentioned “Coke.”

In the circle and subsequent scenes, I finally got Don and I think Don got himself.  It seems as though he came to terms with his responsibilities and life…. finally Don became a man and in the final moments of the show proved he had returned to his place in this world and had learned to sing in harmony.

The finale of Mad Men, did what it needed to do.  Unlike many other finales this one left the viewer with a sense of peace, knowing that the characters had moved to their next phase of life, the places they all needed to find.

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