Moments of…. Redemption! @MonicaLewinsky @TEDTalks w/ Gay 50 Commentary


GAY 50 COMMENTARY:  I applaud Monica Lewinsky for using her experiences to help others.  For too long she has been attacked and slut-shamed for something she did as a young woman.

As she asks in the speech, “how many of us didn’t do something at 22 that we aren’t proud of?”

Monica Lewinsky was a victim.  She was in a position that she should have never been put in and was used, then tossed aside.

In the years since, everyone has moved on and been ALLOWED to move on….. except Monica Lewinsky.

BRAVO to you Monica Lewinsky, BRAVO for taking your life back, standing in your own truth and fighting back.

America is full of second chances, it is nice to see Monica Lewinsky is finally getting hers!

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