PSA – @CocaCola Rip-Off


Do you ever use your debit card to buy a soda from the machine? If so, BEWARE!

Last week I was getting a Diet Coke from a machine. As I was making my purchase a guy was milling around and I thought nothing of it. I got my drink and walked away.

The milling guy then went to the machine and next thing you know he also has a beverage. I thought…… hhhhmmmmm.

Last Saturday I was doing some online banking and noticed a $3 charge at the Coke machine. A drink is $1.50. I was obviously suspicious and convinced my concerns were true.

Sure enough, yesterday I went to get a drink and noticed immediately after my drink was dispensed the screen asked if I wanted another…. I pressed yes to see what happens and yep, another Diet Coke came out.

BEWARE my friends, the guy behind me rode piggy back on my purchase and got a free drink.

BEWARE, it’s a dog eat dog world out there, my friends… a dog eat dog world!

Lessons learned…..
1) shouldn’t be drinking soda
2) shouldn’t be using my ATM on a soda machine
3) should have been more alert
4) should have side-swiped milling guy in the first place!

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