GAY 50 COMMENTARY – @MichaelSamNFL Joins @DancingABC @GMA


Today the cast of Dancing with the Stars, Season 10 was announced. Story Here 

The cast includes :

dancing-stars-2015-spoilersNoah Galloway
Robert Herjavec
Patti LaBelle
Nastia Liukin
Riker Lynch
Charlotte McKinney
Michael Sam
Willow Shields
Suzanne Somers
Rumer Willis


As usual, the cast is short on true STARS, but it is what it is.  Patti LaBelle and Suzanne Somers  will suffice.

One of the glaring inclusions I noticed is Michael Sam.

Michael Sam, the first openly gay man ever drafted into the NFL, who now blames being cut on his coming out.

The Michael Sam who has said over and over again that his only goal is to make it in the NFL.

In an interesting twist, the new season of DWTS begins on March 16th.  Why is that interesting you ask?  On March 22nd, the NFL will host a “Veteran’s Combine.”

As stated by the NFL, the Veteran’s Combine, event is open to free agent players that were previously eligible for an NFL Draft. The Veteran Combine is limited to 100 participants. Interested players may apply by clicking the following link:  A selection committee will determine who is chosen to attend.  Selected players will be notified with additional information. Registration closes on Wednesday, February 25.

With registration closing tomorrow, you would think that maybe if Mr. Sam’s real interest is playing in the NFL he may have decided to sit this season out for DWTS.

While I understand striking while the iron is hot, IF Mr. Sam’s true desire is to play in the NFL, signing up for DWTS probably gave NFL scouts, coaches and owners just one more reason to leave him off the roster.

Whomever is guiding Michael Sam’s career is doing a horrendous job…. OR, Michael Sam’s true desire is to be famous.

Being a trail-blazer has many pitfalls and it appears that Michael Sam has fallen into most of them during his brief time in the spotlight.

Dancing with the Stars is a good avenue for celebrities trying to reignite their careers.  Michael Sam should be doing everything he can to START his career in the NFL if that really is his desire.

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