Gay 50 Commentary – @Rosie is Getting a Divorce & Leaving @TheView (Insert Eye Roll Here) @ABC @Towleroad

GAY 50 COMMENTARY:  Some people just live for drama, they create drama in every aspect of their lives and they aren’t happy unless they are unloading their drama on others.

It appears Rosie O’Donnell is one of those people.  TOWLEROAD, ABC and Page Six are all reporting that Rosie is leaving The View and divorcing her wife, Michelle.

Reports say O’Donnell has cited the stress of her divorce and obligations to her family as reasons for leaving The View.

ROThe skeptic in me is calling BS!  I contend that O’Donnell’s much hyped return to The View and the overwhelming failure to connect with the audience is the real reason she is jumping ship.

I think we all knew this would be the end result as O’Donnell’s ego could never handle being second billed to Whoopi Goldberg.

The return of Rosie was poorly executed and planned and hopefully now that she is once again tucking and running, the show will get back to what made it a staple of daytime television….. a show where women express their thoughts on a variety of topics and SHARE their opinions in discussion.

O’Donnell was never good at the discuss and share part, she wants to lecture and bulldoze.

Another thing O’Donnell isn’t good at is commitment.  While I respect her reported desire to take care of her family during this time, there are others who she made a commitment to and seems to have no qualms about turning her back on.  What about the commitment she made to the network that has given her multiple opportunities to succeed and the audience.

If Rosie truly is leaving the show to take care of her family, I am circumspect as she reportedly separated from her wife almost four months ago, you would think that would have been the time she needed to make the change, not when reports swirl each day about the imminent cancellation of her show.

We as a community have always embraced Rosie O’Donnell.  We kept her secret while she made movies and toured comedy clubs.  We kept quiet during the “nice” Rosie days when she hosted her own show and we celebrated her “bravery” when she finally came out.

We have held Rosie up as a role model of family, love and career, while we have watched her abandon the ship over and over again.  Rosie O’Donnell is no role model, she is a narcissistic  quitter who over and over again runs when it gets tough.

Rosie is great at creating drama, unfortunately she doesn’t seem to have the ability to stick around until the third act and work through the hard stuff until the happily ever after curtain call.

It will be a short matter of weeks before Rosie begins to bite the hand that fed her.  You can expect the stories of how she was mistreated on the set, how ABC didn’t support her and how she was never comfortable with the direction of the 2015 View.

Rosie loves drama and one of the things I love about aging is removing drama from my life.  For me, this was Rosie’s final act, she leaves the stage a quitter, without a chance for curtain call.

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