Gay 50 Review – @LookingHBO Season Two

HBO-LookingI was a harsh critic of “Looking” Season One.  I felt the characters were underdeveloped, the plot lines predictable and the entire show mundane.

I went so far as to encourage the writers be replaced and the show start anew.

With the previews for Season Two, I had hope…….

Season Two has proven to be markedly better than season one, I will go so far as to say, season two is getting straight “A’s” from me so  far!

The characters are more developed, they have a richness not found in season one and I care about what happens to them now.

The storylines are more believable and the comedy is actually funny.  Plus, the random male frontal is a pleasant surprise when it happens!  At this point, I am disappointed when the credits roll at the end of the show, something I couldn’t always say about season one.

Going into the season, I know Patrick and Kevin are wrong for each other, but I am pulling for them anyway.  I know Patrick would be better off with Richie, but I understand his need to be with the bad boy.   I also know that Patrick is going to end up with a broken heart, but I have faith that the writers are going to take me on that journey with grace and that Jonathan Groff is going to deliver a stellar performance that will make me feel for his character even more.

I still want more for Augustin, but I know his battles will come and I have faith in Frankie J. Alvarez ability to deliver scene stealing performances when the time is right.

I pull for Dom and appreciate his need to grow, need to be taken care of, need to be in control and need to find himself.  The dynamic of Murray Bartlett and Scott Bakula is HOT…..  grown man HOT!

The addition of Eddie and larger storyline for Doris have helped develop a diversity that was needed, plus they are both roaringly funny!

This season I have loved seeing Looking embrace all aspects of the gay family, bears, otters, twinks, gamers, daddies, hipsters and hags…. it has been a fun adventure and I hope it continues.

Looking is coming into its own and I am loving the journey!

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