My Father Died.

It has been a tough month.  At the end of October my dad had two mini strokes and then additional complications which led to his death.

He was hospitalized for 18 days and eventually placed under Hospice Care.

Living in a different State, I traveled up twice spending as much time with him as possible.

On November 15th he passed away.  My brother and I were both with him and he died peacefully.

It’s weird, I no longer have parents.  My mom died almost 5 years ago.  While my faith tells me where they are, it is still weird.

My dad and I spoke every morning, now I look at the phone at the time our call should be taking place and I am just sad.

I miss our daily calls, I miss my mom, I miss them both.  Sometimes life just sucks.

One of the things I am hoping will help me move forward is this blog.  I haven’t been on much recently, now you know why, hopefully a return to blogging will return the smile to my face.

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