Thanks @Delta

deltaThe last three weeks have been some of the most emotionally draining of my life, (more on that later.) As much as I have been pulled through the ringer, today I was fortunate to meet a man from Delta who showed me compassion when I needed it most.

After unexpected weeks away from home, with little sleep and emotions that have run the gamut, I arrived at the Delta gate nerves on end.

I was flying home on stand-by as I had driven to my destination not knowing when my return would take place.  (I am only 1/2 way through this journey, I will be leaving again, but don’t know when or for how long.)

I walked up to the gate only to be met by a smiling Delta hottie who offered help.

He asked why I was flying stand-by and I told him.

He lightened my mood, joked and flirted a bit;

I told him I just needed to sleep and he assured me everything would be ok.

Thankfully my flight was early and only about 3/4 sold.  As boarding began, my name popped up as cleared for a seat.

When I found my seat in Comfort Economy I was thrilled.  I sat down along the window and rested my head on the plane’s wall.

As the final passengers boarded, my hero walked on the plane.  He pointed at me and cocked his head for me to follow.

I made my way into the aisle and followed him into First Class where he pointed to a seat and told me to sit down.

For my flight home, I snuggled up in my beautiful leather seat and slept, all because a dedicated Delta employee cared enough to make my day a bit easier.

Thanks Delta for teaching your team what true customer service is all about!

One thought on “Thanks @Delta

  1. agriculteurs4sexy says:

    What a lovely story … despite the exhaustion behind it. The first class in the new Airbus plans are fab. I love them. I, of course, have to pay! Then again, you’re supposed to when you’re a client seeking a service, so all is right.


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