@ProjectRunway Finale…. Did the best designer win? @PR13SEANKELLY @LifetimeTV

Project Runway LogoAnother season has come to a close.  The designers have struggled, they have risen above the challenges, judging critiques and workroom histrionics and a winner has been named…. but was the right person chosen?

The finale begins with Tim Gunn meeting with the finalists after their mini-critiques.  Kini is in the worst shape, followed by Char.  Sean and Amanda both got good reviews overall with just minimal touch-ups needed.

Off to Mood the designers go in search of fabrics to make their final changes.  Amanda stays in the workroom as she feels like a Mood swing would just confuse her.

Quick work, good design and whirlwind creativity marks the last days prior to Fashion Week.


The morning of Final Shows at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is always one of my favorite parts of the season, and this year didn’t disappoint.

Seeing the designers approach Lincoln Center and the show space is hugely rewarding.  The look on their faces makes it obvious that all the challenges are worth it for this one moment standing amidst the black chairs and white runway, it is fashion magic!

First show on the runway is Amanda

Amanda Finale

With her rich Bohemian designs, Amanda took the Runway and laid down the gauntlet for her competitors.  Her fashions were interesting and sophisticated.

Some of the cut-outs and shapes were too repetitive for me, but overall I really liked Amanda’s show.

Using her return to the Runway this season Amanda made the best of it.  While she wasn’t always one of my favorites, I appreciate her aesthetic and passion for the fashion she believes in.

Amanda 14

Char was next up.

Char Finale

Making it to Fashion Week was the victory for Char.  I am so happy she just made it!  While she isn’t as polished as some of the other finalists, she is just as passionate.

Using bright colors and interesting prints Char, made her impact and presented a good show.  Some of the looks were pedestrian and others overworked, but Char presented HER vision and that is what is important.

My favorite Char look was her last-minute addition of the hoodie evening gown.  I thought it was sexy and kind of hard-core kick ass!

Congratulations to Char, VICTORY on the runway!

Char 14

Kini’s reworked show was third.

Kini Finale

After a rough critique, Kini pulled out all the stops and reworked the majority of his show.  It’s a good thing he is a fast sewer!

The new designs, accessories, hair and make-up were HUGE successes.

The models and looks were young, fresh and exciting.  While I am still not a fan of using so much denim, Kini made it work and the final evening gown look was a definite Jessica Rabbit moment.  The body of the model was SICK, curves in all the right places and the dress hugged every one. The big panty “V” was kind of odd, but the fit and “YOWZA” moment was worth it!

Kini did a great job, his success will have to come on the mainland which could be difficult for him to fully realize with his strong ties to his family and culture in Hawaii.

Kini 14

The final designer to make it to the Runway was Sean.

Sean Finale

For me, Sean was the designer to beat.  I think he has been the stand-out all season and I was looking forward to his final show.

There was no disappointment!
Sean’s show was A SHOW!  There was drama and wow moments throughout and the final look, against the models skin was the most impressive moment of the entire season.

Sean created a show that any designer should be proud of.  Was there too much fringe?  Possibly.  But Sean knows how to do much more than just fringe, it was his moment and he will be a huge name in the fashion business into the next decades.

I loved the color progression and his vision.  For me, Sean’s show was the highpoint of the day!

Sean 14


The judges meet for deliberation and it is obvious the decision is between three designers.  Char will be the fourth place winner.

After more deliberation, Kini is third-place winner and it now comes down to Amanda and Sean.

The judges are torn.  Amanda will create a brand, an American woman dressing American women.  Designing for her customer and creating a house that includes fashion and jewelry.  The total package.

Sean will be a designer who pushes the envelope.  Sean is unique and will create an excitement around fashion that is memorable and historic.

The final two stand on the runway waiting on the announcement of the winner, when Heidi announces…….

Sean, you are the WINNER of Project Runway!

Sean Wins!  Amanda is second winner, Kini is third and Char is fourth…… as it should be.

As much as I have criticized the show this season, the horrific judges comments and heavy hand of production, the season ended the way it should have….. the best designer won and Sean is the overall champion of Project Runway 13!

Sean’s 10 look finale………

Sean F 1 Sean F 2 Sean F 3 Sean F 4 Sean F 5 Sean F 6Sean F 7Sean F 8 Sean F 9Sean F 10



One thought on “@ProjectRunway Finale…. Did the best designer win? @PR13SEANKELLY @LifetimeTV

  1. Reese Speaks says:

    Thanks for keeping me up-to-date with this season of Project Runway! You’re right, Sean did deserve to win this season. Yes, he did use a bit too much fringe in his designs, but his looks were gorgeous! Congrats to the finalists, and to Sean for this amazing collection!


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