@ProjectRunway Finale – Predictions, Opinions & Hope for the Future @LifetimeTV @HeidiKlum @TimGunn

Project Runway LogoThis week begins the final countdown to choosing a winner for the 13th season of Project Runway.

Before I begin this review, let me say, I am FULLY in favor of the judges choices for three of the finalists.  While I love Char and hope only wonderful things for her future, I do not think she is in the same category as Amanda, Kini and Sean.

Those talented designers deserve their placement and although I did not choose them during my initial impressions, they have won me over and I look for amazing collections from all three.

With that said, there was more wrong with this season than there was right.

For me this season has been average at best.  Far too often the judges and production have been inserted into the “cast” of the show.  A heavy hand has been evident throughout.

While I think the problem for this season began with casting, unfortunately that failure led to bigger issues.  While talented, for the most part, Project Runway has fallen into a predictable casting of people who fit the personality needed more than talent.

One of the great things about this show’s history, has been the ability to find young (and sometimes old) designers who deserved a break and cast those designers in a competition that was about talent.  This year, it seemed like production was more interested in creating a drama filled show, than it was in finding an amazing designer.

Luckily for those of us who are fans, the finale will include amazing designers.

Amanda ValentineAmanda – Coming into the season, Amanda had proven to be a good designer as a past contestant.  She was voted off her season early and voted onto Season 13 by the fans.

This season, Amanda came back with a vengeance.  A better designer than when she left.  While her designs were often a bit too quirky for my taste, that doesn’t change the fact that she has proven to be a great designer.

Amanda is a deserving finalist.   My pick for her is second or third, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Amanda standing on the runway alone as the winner is announced.

For me, this season Amanda’s best looks were……

Amanda 12 Amanda 13 Amanda 5

A couple of her less successful looks include…..

Amanda 8 Amanda 2

Char GloverChar – I didn’t expect the judges to give Char a chance and I said that from the outset.  Things changed when Tim Gunn saved her.  Unfortunately, I think that save ended up keeping Char in the competition longer than it should have.

Char is a good designer, she isn’t as good as her three competitors.  I hope that Char is able to catapult her success on PR into a career that allows her to continue to grow.

Char should land in 4th place.

Some of my favorite Char designs this season include…..

Char 13 - OT Char 8 Char 3

Less favorable looks include…..

Char 6 Char 10

Kini ZamoraKini – For me Kini was a dark-horse.  I never expected to like Kini, but fell in love with him along the way.

Putting some of the most creative designs on the runway this season, Kini earned his place in the finale, he can easily win it all, but  2nd or 3rd is what I am hoping for.

Kini came into the show with a fall back on denim, he proved to be a stellar high fashion creative genius.  I hope he will continue along this line.

One of the most creative looks all season was Kini’s black umbrella look, among my favorites for this designer.

Kini 8 Kini 6 Kini 12 - b

Weaker designs include…..

Kini 12 Kini 7

Sean KellySean – For me, Sean has been the stand-out designer this season.  When he landed in the bottom 3 earlier in the show, I made a comment that a great designer would take that as ammunition…. he did just that.

Sean should win, he is creative, daring and can have a great future.  Project Runway has had only one winning designer who has made a huge impact on the fashion community, Christian Siriano; Sean Kelly can be the second.

All of the bad stuff from this season combined cannot come close to the good stuff, Sean has brought forward.  Sean Kelly should win Project Runway 13.

Sean 5 Sean 8 Sean 7

Bad designs, not much to choose from here…..

Sean 12 -b Sean 3

Project Runway is one of my favorite reality shows.  For many years I have found it to be entertaining and inspiring, this year I didn’t.  This show has been must see, on time viewing for me, this year changed that.  For parts of the season I went days without watching the newest show because of the mediocrity of production.

I have four ideas that will improve the season moving forward, I hope Lifetime and the Producers will take these into account.

  1.  Fire Zac Posen.  The condescending attitude and general inability to help the designers improve has made Mr. Posen ineffective as a judge.  Mr. Posen carries neither the gravitas or passion of Michael Kors and if Mr. Kors has no desire to return, the show would do itself a favor and hire Christian Siriano in his place.
  2.  Freshen up the challenges.  Heidi says it week after week, one day you are in, the next day you are out.  The same goes for the challenges, the tired pairs challenges, use of alternative materials, every woman etc etc need to be retired.  Let these designers do what they do best…. DESIGN.  Simplify the challenges and let the designers showcase their creativity, here are five ideas of future challenges….
    1.  A favorite song – design an outfit inspired by the designers favorite song
    2.  Print – use print in the design
    3. Choose a color – each designer must choose a color, their entire look must feature that one color only
    4.  Birth year – create a look based on the year of the designer’s birth
    5.  NO dresses.  One week only, the designers should be required to design pants, shorts, gauchos, knickers, ANYTHING but dresses.  This would showcase tailoring abilities and skills that great designers need.
  3. Throw away the casting manual.  Choose 50 designers, ask each of them to provide 2 design looks with a sketch and finished product.  Without names, faces, or locations, place those designs on the website for a vote.  The top 14 designers move onto the show.
  4. The Tim Gunn Save, I love Tim and love the save…. however, it MUST be used a the time of the elimination.  No more next day change of heart.


Project Runway has run its course for another year.  Season 13 had a few great designers, lots of mediocrity, too much been there done that, too much concentration on drama and one REALLY lousy judge.  I hope Season 14 shows much improvement.

Voting is open for a few more days for your favorite designer, make sure to get your vote in, on my post from Sunday, October 12th now!


4 thoughts on “@ProjectRunway Finale – Predictions, Opinions & Hope for the Future @LifetimeTV @HeidiKlum @TimGunn

  1. Caro says:

    I would also like to see them bring back reasonable time periods to do challenges. I remember in the earlier seasons the designers woulds routinely get more time for challenges depending on the difficulty. Now a 2-day challenge is like a Unicorn visiting the workroom bearing cloth of gold for the designers (“But there’s a twist…you have to make a tunic for the King that is cohesive with your own look and if he doesn’t like it you will be beheaded. Use the accessory wall judiciously…” But I digress.) These constant 1-day turnarounds guarantee poorer quality not just because it’s unreasonable to expect superior design AND construction AND styling on a Red Carpet gown in 24-hours, but that constant treadmill must be ridiculously exhausting to the point where the designers cannot function well. Unless the producers use this as a 2-pronged strategy: less design & construction time=less production cost AND BONUS…weary designers=more drama=higher ratings. I’m surprised they’re not actually seeing Unicorns in the workroom at that pace.

    Oh yes, one last rant on that score. The smugness of the judges when they are critiquing these 24-hour creations sends me into orbit; particularly Nina, Zac and yes, Michael. When have Michael or Zac designed and constructed a runway ready dress in a day, let alone stood there and took the critique from colleagues? When has Nina designed and constructed anything? The downright contempt and snarky-ness is just so…ugh. At least when a Buck Private goes through Boot Camp, he knows the Drill Sergeant has been through the exact same thing.

    Kendall, I commend you for hanging tough UNTIL this season, I’ve been inattentive for the past few seasons & when I do buckle down and watch I just don’t find the bulk of the designs or designers very interesting. I remember more stuff from Seasons 1-5 than 6-12. For example, I seriously disliked Santino, but he was interesting; he was provoking & full of beans half the time, but he was creative & he genuinely had “a point of view” as they love to say. That’s why I prefer All Stars; it brings back designers I like & remember because they’re creative. Quite frankly this show has degraded with the move from Bravo to Lifetime. The blatant manipulation of this season by the producers is insulting to the spirit of the contest and us as viewers because they obviously think we are too stupid to notice. It’s like my cotton candy deflated and got all hard and yucky.


    • Kendall says:


      Thanks for your comments. I agree with everything you said. I had the time limits on challenges as one of the categories I was going to mention and for some reason decided not to include. I am glad you did.

      The move from Bravo, I agree 100% has been the down fall of this show. I will give season 14 a chance, but my dedication to the show is over, they now have to win me back.

      Thanks for reading!


      • Caro says:

        Thank you for answering. My two daughters have grown up watching the show with me and even my 16-year-old noticed that the designers have less time than when she was younger. Remember when Laura could routinely bead a cocktail dress? Whether you like beads or not is immaterial; nobody has time for that kind of attention to detail so you get schlock and Nina get frown-y eyebrows.

        I agree, Season 14 has about 3 episodes, tops, to get me to keep watching.



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