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Project Runway LogoThe final step before New York Fashion Week finds the five finalist getting a Tim Gunn wake-up call.  Gathered on the roof of their hotel, the designers learn this is the “Lexus, take the streets for inspiration” challenge.

SIDE NOTE: my 2nd greatest hope for next season is that the producers work to create new challenges. The show is becoming more and more predictable each year.  A fluff-up would do Project Runway a world of good!

Released into the city, the designers look for inspiration.

After a tour, they meet back at Mood for shopping on day one of this two-day challenge.

All the designers get to work and comment on how relaxed the mood is now that Korina has exited the competition.  You KNOW this is a bad omen!

Day two of the challenge begins with the designers walking into the workroom to find five of their former designers elimination outfits in the room.

fade 8Samantha 7Sandhya 9Mitchell 5Korina 13


















Fade, Samantha, Sandhya, Mitchell and Korina’s designs were brought into the room.  Tim joins the group as they reminisce about bad fashion and he brings along his button bag.

Designers are told, they will choose one design and remake it.  When it comes Char’s time, you can hear the fashion gods screaming in the background NOT to choose Korina’s look, then what does she do, she chooses Korina’s look!!?!?!

It is a battle to the end to see who will be stuck with the munchkin pink clown ensemble from Sandhya, unfortunately for Sean, he gets the needle in the hand, stuck with the ultimate bad look.

Designers go back to Mood to get fabric for their second look, the make over and return to the workroom.  Tim announces they have a lot of work to do and deserve helpers and in walks the five eliminated designers.


Korina’s mood hasn’t softened, she is still pissed and when she is assigned to work with Char, the room goes silent.  Korina acts like a spoiled brat, says she doesn’t want to be there and leaves the last morsel of her dignity as she stomps out of the room.

Later in the day, nasty Korina is replaced by sweet Alexander and all is right with the world.

Designers work, Tim critiques, models come in, fittings, go home, come back the next morning, hair, makeup, accessories and it is time for the runway……


Each designer presents two looks.  Their inspiration look and the make over look.

Amanda 12 Amanda 12 - b

Amanda – her inspiration look came from graffiti found in the city.  I loved Amanda’s maxi dress and think the movement it created was beautiful.  I can totally see Zac Posen “borrowing” the look from Amanda and lounging around his UES apartment on a chaise while eating bon bons and having his nails done.

The make over look… yikes.  Not so great, luckily, Amanda knew that and had a strong enough first look that it didn’t matter.

Char 12 Char 12 - b

Char – I LOVE the pink skirt!  I am not a fan of the pocket (like everyone else except Char) but the rest of the skirt is awesome.  The top is a little random, but the skirt is gorgeous.

As for the make over look, it looks better than it did when it walked the runway under Korina’s hand.  I don’t love it, I don’t hate it.  It’s just an ill-fitting LBD.

Emily 12 Emily 12 - b

Emily– at the beginning of this round of competition, Emily said she had wanted to create a super cool hoodie all season.  In the last round before New York Fashion Week, Emily created a hoodie accompanied by long-johns.

Her make over look was perfect for a young woman’s first ever garden tea.

I like Emily, I like her aesthetic and personality, but these looks were bad on both fronts.

Kini 12 Kini 12 - b

Kini – when he announced at the beginning of the challenge that he had to use denim for the New York inspiration look, my heart hurt.  All I could think was NOOOOOOOOOO Kini, you don’t…. TRUST ME!  Somehow Kini was able to make a 6′ size 0 model look heavy in his overworked denim skirt and coat.  Kini, SERIOUSLY you don’t need to use denim!

Example as to why denim should be banned from Kini’s workroom……  the red make over gown.  WOW, any star would be on the best dressed list in that dress.  Kini’s look was stunning when it hit the runway!

Sean 12 Sean 12 -b

Sean – in the history of the world, I don’t know anyone who would say….”when I think of New York City, I think stark white.”  Sean did and he made it work.  I loved the crisp white design, with interesting cuts, lengths and surprising elements.

As for the pink clown costume Sandhya had created, Sean was whimsical with the look and made it work.


The judges were very clear, the only decision they had to make was would Char and Emily be eliminated or only one.

Back on the runway, Kini, Sean and Amanda were all told they would be moving on.

Emily was eliminated early into the judges announcement, creating a feel that both would be out…… Heidi through a curve and sent Char to Fashion Week and the final four.

Kini Zamora Sean Kelly Amanda Valentine Char Glover

I have a number of thoughts about the final four prior to next week’s show.  I will be doing an interim write-up this week to get those thoughts out into the universe prior to the show airing, along with my predictions for the finale and future.



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