@ProjectRunway 9.25.14 – Curse of the Real Woman @LifetimeTV @HeidiKlum @TimGunn

Project Runway LogoEvery season Project Runway has the Regular Woman Challenge, usually it doesn’t go well.  Add Season 13 to the list.

Changing the name to “Muse on the Street” is like lipstick on a pig, no one wants to do it and someone is going to get kissed when they don’t want to.

Only in the fashion world would you ever refer to your biggest potential market in such a degrading way.  It’s like the “real” women who wear designer fashions are not worthy, such a slap, but alas every year the show does this challenge and alas it usually blows up on one of the show’s best…….  you know what’s going to happen here!

Tim sends the designers to Washington Square Park in the City to find their every woman, muse.  With two days to create and $200 to spend, the challenge is underway.

You would think that most of these designers wouldn’t have such a difficult time with this challenge, it isn’t like they are designing for Milan shows and size double zero back home.  You would think most of their background includes the regular woman they are working for in this challenge.

You would think…..


The designs and designers….

Sean 10Sean – This challenge was hard for Sean from the minute the designers were turned loose in the Park.  The last designer to find a model, Sean designed a nice evening gown for his muse.

The design was beautifully made, with fringe and some interesting detailing, nothing bad, nothing good, just enough to continue in the competition.

Since there are only seven designers left, Sean was chosen the only designer middle of the pack and sent to the workroom.







Amanda 10

Amanda – The first of the bottom three, Amanda’s dress was just ugly.  The print was bad and it was WAY too short.

A 6′ glamazon model couldn’t even make this look work.  The hem was wonky and the leather vest just butched the whole thing up.

Amanda found herself in the bottom three, but the best of the worst.







Char 10

Char – I have made no secret of the fact that I like Char and I am glad Tim Gunn used his save on her….. however, like the other designers, I’m afraid this week it went too far.

When the designers ask women to participate, they have to be aware that they may walk the walk in something they don’t like.  They also have to be aware that they may walk in something that doesn’t fit their lifestyle or modesty requirements.  As Char was completing her design, the zipper broke on shorts that were far too short for the model.  Char blamed the model.

Then in typical Tim style (I love that man!) he tried to help the situation and honestly his heart only made it worse.  Tim went to the other designers and asked if they would allow Char 10 minutes to put in another zipper.  Well DUH!?!?  What meathead would have said “no?”   Of course the designers agreed, but behind Char’s back they were pissed and accused Tim of saving her twice.

Char’s look was ok, it was way too short and didn’t work for her model.  As much as I like Char, her look should have walked with the broken zipper.

Alexander 10

Alexander – Unfortunately for Alexander, Char was allowed to sew a new zipper into her model’s shorts.

Simply put, I can’t believe Alexander failed this challenge as badly as he did.  His second look walked the runway, after Tim insisted he start over.  Tim’s critique of Alexander was SO needed and I think in the long run appreciated.  Not the worst design ever, but just UGLY!

Alexander’s second look didn’t improve much.  Like many before him, this challenge got the best of someone I thought could make it to Bryant Park.

Alexander was eliminated from the competition.




Emily 10

Emily – As the only designer to create something cutting edge, Emily finally made it into the top 3.  While Heidi wasn’t fond of the look and made a Carmen Miranda comment, I thought Emily’s look was the best of the night.

My only negative for the design was I think the ruffle shoulders should have been an overlay and able to be removed.

I loved the way the design moved on the runway and it captured Emily’s muse’ excitement.

Heidi made it clear when time for choosing the best that this was not it and secured third place for Emily.




Kini 10

Kini – I was worried about Kini during this challenge, he struggled for most of the first day.  Then he fell back onto his tried and true and made a denim dress.

I thought the dress was cute….. that’s it.  Nothing special, it looked like something anyone could buy at Kohl’s.

Posen’s comment about it being “smart” of Kini to come back to denim at this time in the competition is laughable.  Mr. Posen allow me to explain…. IT’S FREAKIN DENIM…. it’s not like he went out and loomed together golden threads to create a textile… IT’S FREAKIN DENIM!!!!!!!

Kini came in second, he should have come in third.




Korina 10

Korina – This week Korina was chosen the winner.  I like the look, although she was second on my scorecard.

The one thing I do have issue with is, I am tired of the coats.  Yes, they are Korina’s
“thing,” but every look doesn’t have to have a coat….. sometimes, it isn’t cold!

I think Korina is a good designer, I hope she goes far, I’m just tired of coats.  The coats are nicely made and beautiful, I just don’t want to see one every week.

While I like the design, including the coat, the boots…. oh my, the boots made me want to stomp my feet, bang my head against the wall and just scream….. WWWWWHHHHYYYYY!?!?!??!!?!!?




Overall, the week was what it always is during “Real Woman” week…. one of the low lights of the season.

Hopefully from now until the end of the season we will only being seeing, too thin, too tall, too beautiful clothes-hangers with heartbeats and moveable parts!

POSEN ROLLING MY EYES MOMENT OF THE WEEK:  I think my general nausea for anything Zac Posen is probably well documented by now.  One of the many things that annoys me most about him, and the list is long, is that he bows, in his seat,  when Heidi says his name each week.  Really dude, man up, stop the curtsy, you’re a freaking mediocre fashion designer, not the future Queen of ANY land.


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