UTOPIA on FOX 9.24.14 – This May Actually Work… @utopiatvusa @utopiaupdaters

Utopia_Logo_Transparant_8000x4500I had almost given up on Utopia.

I have watched each week and grown more and more frustrated with the cast and their inability to do simply coexist.

With the new Fall TV season at hand, Survivor starting up tonight and my other favorite shows coming back, this was the week that Utopia had to prove to me that this is a viable show.  Last night, started to do that.

With some basic cooperation, non-traditional leaders stepping up and a group effort to make a future for themselves, I began seeing glimmers of hope through my TV screen and on the faces of the participants.

It has taken some time for the people living in Utopia to understand that their existence doesn’t have to look like anything outside the gates;  and while they have enjoyed being able to push boundaries, now they are realizing some of those boundaries may also help them form a new society.

As much as Bella makes me want to claw my own eyeballs out sometimes, last night she stepped up and proved to be more than just a bark-eater who wants to commune with chickens.  Bella became a reasoned voice for how to make the society of Utopia function and while her touchy-feely ways are a bit much for me, I do see how her softened approach can benefit a new way of life.

I had hope Red’s opportunity to get a little something-something under the horse barn may have given him what he needed to get along more with his counterparts.  Unfortunately, Red came out from under the barn relieved of certain tensions and spitting fire and vinegar with other concerns.  I don’t have a clue why Red went off on the ladies and their work assignments, but sadly while Red is a great provider, at some point his difficulties with socialization will become too much and he will need to go.

Last night’s biggest surprise was Rob.  In my initial review of the show, I referred to his as a Napoleon character.  Last night, he showed a strength and compassion that was needed for the other Utopians to hear, it was refreshing and the voice of reason.

I was happy to see the cast FINALLY make the right call on their jobs and do something they can capitalize on.  While the first visit and tour of Utopia may have had some rough spots, this is they type of business they should have been running all along, bravo for finally figuring that out!

Finally, for me, what brought this show to a successful end was the decision to give Bella her water filter.  After it was sent back in a cruel display of BMOC bullying, she finally was given the filter in a peace treaty moment.  A good end to the week that will keep me coming back again.

While creepy announcer guy still skeeves me out, the rest of the show is starting to click on all cylinders.  Who knows, these Utopians may have a chance yet to get it right.

This week’s winner in Utopia …..

RobRob, for being the voice of reason and giving a pep talk to the crew, hours before their biggest challenge and opportunity.




This week’s loser in Utopia….

RedRed.  Until Red learns to work with others and realizes his is not the only opinion that is valid, he will always be an outsider and will be easily vanquished when his usefulness as a provider comes to an end.

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