@TheAdvocateMag – The 50 Most Influential LGBT People in Media w/ @Gay50Blog Commentary

The 50 Most Influential LGBT People in Media

Who is the most influential LGBT person working in mainstream media? We asked around and argued over it until we came up with a ranking of the top 50 names.

It was hard enough picking a single most influential LGBT person for this list (and, in the end, it was a tie), so you can imagine the trouble we had narrowing down our picks to 50 and then ranking each.

To do it, first we asked a number of people on this list, and some who were considered along the way, to vote. We left it open to interpretation as to exactly what “influential” meant to them. Rachel Maddow has redefined MSNBC, for example. Meanwhile, Harvey Levin’s TMZ is breaking stories that define the whole news cycle.

Respondents from the media lined up more frequently behind Maddow as the most influential. But it’s hard to ignore Levin’s influence, with the Ray Rice story only the latest example of his site’s talent for exposing celebrity misdeeds that have broader lessons and consequences.

A few caveats about who is eligible for the list: Only those media figures who are publicly out are included. And as much as we appreciate our colleagues in the LGBT news world, this list consists of reporters and editors who produce for mainstream outlets on largely non-LGBT beats.

See the list here.

GAY50 – I agree with much of this list and it is impressive to see so many awesome media figures represented, not because they are LGBT but because they are great writers, reporters, editors, hosts and creators.

Two glaring oversights from the list are Jim Buzinski and Cyd Zeigler.  The co-founders of Outsports.com have been on the forefront of gay sports news.  The site, under their leadership, has led the way with their Michael Sam coverage as well as other sports figures coming out.  Buzinski and Zeigler cover all sports from the gay perspective and break down the walls of our participation.

I also have an issue with Thomas Roberts on the list.  While I agree he should be on the list, until Thomas Roberts addresses his decision to go to Russia and host the Miss Universe pageant, I will not be able to see him as a leader. While other gay media figures declined, Roberts went, cashed his check and never said anything about the second class citizenry, gay Russians are afforded in their own country – that’s not leadership, that is selling out.


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