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I could swear I heard Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum announce that this week’s competition was an Avant-Garde challenge. They even brought in a rain runway for the event.

Tim and Heidi made a BIG deal about the challenge and how the avant-garde elements would be awesome with the “Rainway.”  Remember????

I even think eight of the nine designers understood it was an avant-garde challenge.

Sadly, the only people who didn’t get the memo was the judges, and the contestant designing for the clowns at Ringling Brothers.

Ringling Brothers 8   Sandhya 8

Let’s just go ahead and put a nail in this one….. Sandhya is going to Fashion Week, she will be a Top 3 contestant to the dismay of the other contestants and viewers.  The judges have made their decision, there is no stopping her, so just count on bad fashion being rewarded and good designers being eliminated.


So eight of the designers for the most part, created cool, avant-garde designs.  Tim Gunn said at the end of the show it was the best show ever on Project Runway, that is pretty high praise considering a clown outfit made it into the top 3.

Here’s the rundown for avant-garde week……..

This week, three contestants made it into the middle of the pack without evaluation….

Alexander 8Alexander – I liked this look, I thought it was really cool.  It met the objectives of avant- garde fashion.  I would have liked to have seen more of the undergarment, but overall the look was good.  Definitely better than clown clothes.










Amanda 8Amanda – this one was interesting, Cleopatra eyes.  Not great, not her best design, but definitely better than a clown costume.











Char 8Char – another middle of the packer.  I liked this look and thought it had edge and creativity.  Yep, you guessed it, better than a clown costume.











The Bottom Three Designs were…..

Korina 8Korina – last week’s winner, this week’s bottom three.  I am glad she had immunity because this wasn’t good, I think she should have kept her original idea and just gone with it.  Deserved bottom three on this one, even a clown costume was better than this one.










Emily 8Emily –  avant-garde… check.

Dramatic… check.

Better than a clown costume…. triple check!










fade 8Fade – this was Fade’s wheelhouse.  Unfortunately, his design was another example of losing it when you should have slam-dunked it.  He was in trouble from the outset and never got on track.  While he had cool styling, the design was bad on all levels.

Fade went home, and he should have, his design was worse than a clown costume.










When it came time to vote for a winner, the judges were split.  Heidi and guest judge Caitlin FitzGerald were supporting Kini.  Nina and Posen were behind Sean.  Heidi challenged Posen to a fight…. oh, sweet baby Jesus how I would pay to watch her kick his ass all over that set!!!!!!

This week’s winner was a duo.  Kini and Sean shared top honors and they should have… .BRAVO to these two for being creative, unique…..avante garde!

Kini 8Kini – made his design an umbrella.  What more perfect design concept for an avant-garde rainway challenge.

This was stunning from top to bottom, I loved this and if Kini would not have been a winner I would have to stop watching.









Sean 8Sean – this simple white dress was pretty, perfect for a picnic…. until the rains came and Sean’s true genius began to bleed through.  Placed in the seams of the dress, Sean had placed dye powder, the water made a design of the dye spread across the fabric….truly unique, creative and avant-garde.










Kini and Sean were awesome in their creativity, however their designs were cheapened by judges who put a clown costume on the runway next to theirs.  Judging the clown costume as top 3 is an insult to all the other designers, it should not have even been next to these great looks and to be considered one of the best is laughable…. much like the judges have become during Season 13.

PLEASE, someone, anyone, tell me why the look below was considered anything but stupid……

Sandhya 8If you are designing for the Greatest Show On Earth, this is fine… if you are on a design competition show that is supposed to celebrate great young designers, who are making an impact on fashion, this look doesn’t belong.











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