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Project Runway LogoI have been on vacation and just watched this week’s Chopard Challenge.  Incredible jewels and some really good designs.  It is a shame anyone had to go home, but in the end, the judges made the right decision.

After the designers chose their jewels, that would be the inspiration for their designs, Tim Gunn brought everyone into the workroom for an announcement.  After a sleepless night, Tim announced, through tears, that he was bringing Char back to the challenge!  YEAH CHAR and SUPER YEAH TIM!!!!!!!!!!

This week there weren’t any bad designs.  There were some middle of the road designs, a couple of mediocre designs and two gorgeous designs.

For me this was the best week of Season 13.  Even Posen only made an ass of himself once, which let’s face it is an improvement.  However, it was telling when he insulted one of the designers use of the jewelry and then cut his eyes over to the Chopard rep to make sure she heard him…… wanting a design deal with a great jewelry firm Zac?  UGH!

My real judges bitch slap this week goes to Nina…. and Nina, I love you.  I am going to blame Nina’s inappropriate comment on her injured foot… but Nina….this week you disappointed me!

The comment about a dress looking like it belonged on the PR Intern instead of the IMPORTANT person….. Nina, tsk, tsk…. you are better than that!!!!!!!!!

Ok, now to the runway.  I’m going to go through all the designs because this week I agree with the placements.

The judges chose the following designs as safe.

Char 7Char – I don’t hate this look, but it isn’t very creative.

If Char is going to prove Tim Gunn made the right decision by bringing her back (and I believe he did) she will have to do better than this!








Emily 7Emily – I didn’t like this dress.  I thought the volume around the waist made the model look dumpy, it wasn’t hemmed well and the model looked like she hated it.

I think if she wanted to do layers a lighter fabric and at least two more would have improved the look.  With that said, I think the dress complimented the pearl necklace well.







Fade 7Fade – I don’t like it.  To me, this looked like something a High School Sophomore would wear to her Senior boyfriend’s prom.  Nothing classy about this look, nothing creative about this look and far too juvenile.









Sandhya 7Sandhya – a beautiful dress.  NOT a dress for a Gala.  I can see Heidi wearing this to a product launch or a socialite wearing this to a fundraising luncheon, not a gala.

With that said, this is my favorite look for Sandhya all season.








And now for the Judge’s Bottom Three…..

Alexander 7Alexander – the concept of the dress is beautiful.  It is unique and daring, however, the execution is bad.  This photo makes the dress look much better than it did on the runway, it was poorly executed.

The dress doesn’t work with the necklace, the color doesn’t work with the jewelry, and the back of the dress looks like a jigsaw puzzle.

Alexander needs to step it up….. NOW!






Kini 7Kini – of all the designs, this is the one I just didn’t get.  This challenge had Kini’s name written all over it and as we have seen over and over again on Project Runway, designers choke on the challenges when they should excel.

The corset was just BAD and the chiffon overlay, while pretty, didn’t look like it had a reason for being.  I really felt like Kini was going to nail this one and sadly he came up way short!

Kini needs a win, he is one of the better designers but his hit and miss work is difficult to embrace.





Samantha 7Samantha – it is obvious gala wear is not in Samantha’s wheel-house.  Sweet girl has never made a gown and as she has said previously never even been to a wedding.

For her first gown, Samantha did an admirable job.  The dress is sweet and could work as a bride’s maid gown.  I felt like there were some draping issues, but overall the biggest problem with this design was its simplicity.






ELIMINATION – the judges chose Samantha for elimination.  I appreciated Heidi being gentle with her because she is talented, she just needs to find her design esthetic and stick with it.

Judge’s Top Three:

Amanda 7Amanda – I like this look.  I think it is HOT… I can see a model or rock star’s girlfriend wearing this.

As cool as the look is, there were problems with the craftsmanship and it wasn’t really “gala” worthy.

I think the bottom of the coat should have been twice as long.  It should have been voluminous and created drama flowing behind the jumpsuit.  Black or red piping or stitching on the coat would have been a good complement.

Again, I like the look and this was very Amanda.  My third place would have either been Amanda or Sandhya, a toss-up but FAR behind second place.



Korina 7Korina – I LOVE THIS LOOK!!!!!!  One of my favorite looks of the entire season… BRAVO!

From the styling, to the length of the coat, to the sleekness of the dress underneath and compliment of the necklace, this was perfection!

I am so happy Korina has decided to be herself and not try to work outside her comfort zone, THIS is what put her on the show and made her one of my pre-season favorites.

I cannot say anything negative about this look!





Sean 7Sean – stunning!  The perfect dress for a gala and great compliment to the jewelry.

You could tell the model loved the dress and its simplicity was beautiful.

I can easily see Sean being named as designer on Red Carpets at many of Hollywood’s great events in the future.

He is on a roll, after his bottom three performance, he stepped it up and proves week in and week out,  why I chose him as one of my pre-season favorites.





WINNER – Korina won this week and she deserved it.  I loved the look, the compliment to the jewels and her fearlessness in designing something different from everyone else.  Well done judges and most importantly, well done Korina!

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