The Gay 50 Review – dr.a.g. Coffee Table Book by Christopher Logan @bookthefilm

dr.a.g.I remember my introduction to drag.  I was a sophomore in college and had just come out.  A group of friends invited me to Savannah, GA to celebrate Halloween at a gay bar.

I was both excited and scared.

Dancing the night away, surrounded by an array of gay men, dressed in brightly colored costumes of every description I was mesmerised.

There were drag queens everywhere, some hot, some not, and some downright scary!

During the evening’s costume contest, a festooned glamor girl strutted across the stage and onto the dance floor.  I still remember the costume almost 30 years later.  Hair standing 3 feet off her head, a peacock feather headdress, thigh high leather boots, unitard and peacock feather tail-piece.

That was the night I met “Mercedes Frendz.”

That was the night I fell in love with drag!

Over the years a strong friendship grew with Mercedes both in and out of drag.  I travelled with her doing shows around Georgia and Florida and eventually we both settled in Atlanta.

In Atlanta, a new world of drag opened up, with the likes of Amber Richards, Charlie Brown, Lily White and others, I would search for boys at the Levi and Leather clubs, but when I wanted to have fun, the Drag Bar was where I could be found.

Glamour girls, sharing their talents, bugle beads, feathers and strut is unique to our community.  While in recent years, drag has gained acceptance in the “mainstream,”, we celebrate our diversity by embracing our inner WOMAN!

Recently, I was asked to review “dr.a.g” a coffee table book by Christopher Logan.

In four words…..


I didn’t have a chance to check it out before leaving on vacation, so I took it along.  Let’s just say, not only did I enjoy it, but so did my brother, sister-in-law and best friend.

The pictures are beautiful and shot by some of the world’s best photographers.  Featuring over 40 queens, of varying ages, sizes and races.

When I choose a coffee table book, I want something visually stimulating that will create conversation…… dr.a.g will do just that!

Start your Christmas shopping NOW and get a copy of dr.a.g. by Christopher Logan at $39.95.

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