@ProjectRunway 8.28.14 – Dear @Zac_Posen , @LifetimeTV @HeidiKlum @TimGunn

I agree with most of what happened last night on Project Runway.  With that said, before I begin my rundown of the show, I have an open letter I would like to share with Zac Posen.


Zac PosenDear Mr. Posen,

I am requesting that you not continue as a judge on Project Runway or any other design competition shows in the future, after this season’s run.  Mr. Posen, you seem to enjoy degrading the contestants and your constant digs are ruining what has always been a show with class.

While I understand that you believe you are one of the great design gods of this century, I would like to share with you my opinion of your work.  You design beautiful predictable garments.  You are not in the fashion elite, including one Mr. Christian Siriano who was a contestant on the show you now judge and berate contestants on.

Mr. Posen, you have been a bit of a wunderkind in the fashion world and I am sure you are feeling the pressure of younger much more talented designers.  However, becoming a bitter queen is not the way to ensure your legacy of mediocrity.

You burst onto the fashion scene years ago and believed your own press, now you appear paranoid that you are being replaced…… you are, but it’s ok.  Learn from true creative geniuses who move into a new phase of career, do it with grace and class.  Embrace and encourage the youth coming up behind you, it is so much more appealing than making catty comments for effect.

While you will never be mentioned in the same breath as the true greats of design, I implore you, stop with the bitchy comments, the tired queen persona and try to act like you have some class.


Kendall (on behalf of Project Runway fans everywhere!)


Project Runway LogoAnd now, onto the show!

Interesting show last night.  The competition was to create a non-traditional wedding dress and complimentary reception outfit.  With multiple looks to design, the contestants were put into teams of two.

I am going to say it here and now….. as soon as I saw the pairings, I knew who was going home, there was no doubt in my mind.  I predicted this person would be eliminated as soon as the judges could get rid of her in my first impressions of the contestants and I was proven right last night.  First Impressions

So back to the show…..

Teams were:

Amanda and Korina – I had no idea there was bad blood.  I know Korina wasn’t a fan on episode one, but evidently that has continued to fester.  This team did not work well together, obviously; but they were the one team safe from elimination and not reviewed on the runway.

Amanda 6  Korina 6


Alexander and Samantha – their looks were bad.  I am worried about Alexander, I picked him as one of my contenders and he is making a number of mistakes in his design choices.  His dress last night looked like a Homecoming parade float.  Samantha is stronger than I first gave her credit for.  They were safe, but not by much.

Alexander 6  Samantha 6

Emily and Fade – I liked the dresses and the judges were split.  This was one of the design teams where Posen chose to use some of his most caustic critiques.  What I pulled from this review was, Heidi stood up to Posen and backed him down… I always knew Heidi would come around.  While the looks were not the best, they weren’t horrible, keeping Emily and Fade safe for another week.

Emily 6  Fade 6

Kini and Sean – the clear winners for the week.  The pair dressed lesbians for their wedding and I loved the looks!  I though Kini’s dress was a masterpiece and Sean’s look a perfect complement.  Both had a masculine/feminine flair and I loved it.  The judges made it clear from the outset that this team was by far the best of the week and asked the two who should be chosen as the winner, if they were selected.  Both Sean and Kini said Kini…. the judges chose Sean.  While I love Sean, I was disappointed that he did not tell the judges that Kini made his model’s blouse.

Kini 6  Sean 6

With the other designers all in place, that only leaves the bottom two…..

Char and Sandhya – I knew what would happen as soon as they were paired together.  Sandhya would take over, bulldog her way into getting her vision on the runway and then neither would do a good job.  From the outset Char was taken out of her game and in the end was eliminated.  I found it VERY telling when, while on the runway, Heidi completely forgot Char’s name once and mispronounced it a second time…. that tells a story!

Char 6  Sandhya 6

I honestly agree with the selections this week, but unfortunately for Char,  a good designer was sent home because she wasn’t about to incorporate her own vision into a team challenge paired with a over-bearing partner.

After six weeks, we have three contestants, Amanda, Sean and Sandhya each with 2 wins.  Think the season is being telegraphed much?

One last comment for this week…. ending on a high note…. again, how much do we all LOVE Tim Gunn?  This man has a heart of gold and his only desire is to build these designers up and make them better.  His genuine tears when Char was eliminated makes me love him even more, Tim Gunn is why this show has heart, Tim Gunn IS a treasure!  Tim Gunn, always makes it work!


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