@ProjectRunway Gets It Right!!!! Hallelujah….FINALLY! PLUS a possible conspiracy theory, @LifetimeTV @HeidiKlum @TimGunn

Project Runway LogoSound the trumpets and let the angels sing… Project Runway got it right, FINALLY in week five, Project Runway got it right!!!!!!!!!!!!

Going into this week’s show, I had written off the season, I decided I would get to new shows when I got to them and not stress over being prompt with updates.

Thankfully, last weekend I saw Heidi Klum’s red carpet walk at the Creative Arts Emmys and found out who the designer was…..  a SPOILER for this week, but thankfully worth it!

HOWEVER, this spoiler is another example of how bad this season is, the Red Carpet show should have aired LAST week so that the dress would have been timed for maximum exposure, another fail by production this year.

I will say from the outset, I agreed 100% with the bottom three judges choices and the elimination.  For the top 3, I agreed here too; a vast improvement from previous weeks.

And now for the show….

This week the designers are told to create a look for Heidi to wear at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards.  This is a huge opportunity for the designers and many of them are visibly nervous about the task.

This challenge got into a number of the designer’s heads and Heidi enjoyed pushing those concerns with her walk about and kidding the contestants.

Upon completion of the walk-about, Heidi was not happy.  Several of the designers had over thought the challenge and made bad design decisions.  Tim and Heidi came back into the work room after conferring and announced to the designers their displeasure.

Heidi announced that anyone who wanted, could take her critique and return to Mood with an additional $100 to make a better design.


In all the years I have been watching PR, Tim Gunn made a statement at this point that I have never heard him say.  He told the designers that they could not keep the $100 if they did not return to Mood; however, they could GIVE it to another contestant if they wish.  Unless I have been smoking crack for a bunch of seasons I have never heard of the contestants being able to share money.



SO Sandhya automatically starts going to designers who are not returning to Mood asking for their $100.  Is anyone going to be a jerk and say “no”….. NO!  So she ends up with a boat-load of money and spends it on $130 a yard fabric………  well HELLO!



I hate it when Reality Show production interferes with contestants and create storylines, it infuriates me.  I have no proof of this and I am sure anyone who is involved with the show would say I am wrong, but I think Production created this entire situation for Sandhya.



The production team can see that she is a controversial figure on the show.  It is obvious the other contestants do not understand her appeal to the judges and what better way to make even better television than to find a way to let her spend more on a yard of fabric than the other contestants do on an entire dress!?!?!?



It is just a theory, but this “you can give your $100 to another contestant if you wish” situation looks like production trying to influence the show.


Ok, so back to the show.  It is time for the runway and some of the contestants have struggled immensely on this one.  There are boobs and cha-cha’s and cheeks hanging out everywhere as the dresses make their way down the runway.

The bottom three selected by the judges are….

Korina 5  Korina

Kristine 5  Kristina

Mitchell 5  Mitchell

I agree with the decisions made by the judges on this one, these were the worst outfits by far.

All three of these dresses had MAJOR problems.  All three of them also took the opportunity to return to Mood and get new fabrics and make their designs better….. they all failed.

In a double elimination, Kristina and Mitchell both went home.  The elimination was right this week, these two were in over their heads and Korina still has a lot to show in the competition.

For the best of the runway choices, I agreed here as well.

Amanda 5  Amanda

Kini 5  Kini

Sean 5  Sean

While there really should have only been a top two this week, there were three.  Amanda’s craft project wasn’t in the same league as Kini and Sean but if three had to make it, hers should have been there.

The dresses by Kini and Sean were the best designs to walk the runway this season.  These were beautiful and either could have won.  HOWEVER, again the judges made the right decision and awarded the prize to Sean.

His dress was unique, beautiful and the movement on the runway and eventual red carpet was nothing short of a WOW moment!

Good job Sean and good job judges, hopefully this trend will continue!

Here is Heidi strolling Sean’s look down the Red Carpet at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards last weekend!


 (sorry the pic is not very good.)


4 thoughts on “@ProjectRunway Gets It Right!!!! Hallelujah….FINALLY! PLUS a possible conspiracy theory, @LifetimeTV @HeidiKlum @TimGunn

  1. Suzanne Ens says:

    I love a good conspiracy theory as much as anyone, okay more, but this is not a good conspiracy theory. And why in the world would they create that situation to help one designer? I realize that some may not get Sandya’s designs, including you, but really now. There have been at least two situations that come to mind where they have allowed sharing of money. And that is just my memory. When I first starting watching this show in season 3 or 4 I remember a $200 limit where one could give away their change to another designer who came up short. Then in another season a contestant lost her money at Mood and she ran around bumming money (and won the challenge). Personally, as a longtime lover and wearer of Eastern Indian fashion and general collector of the textiles, I do get where she is coming from. We must resist confusing opinion and our aesthetic subjectivity with fact. As a full time fiber artist in the trenches of outdoor art shows, I am always reminded that there is as much diversity of opinion as there is art and craft. Thank gawd.


    • Kendall says:

      You have never however heard Tim Gunn say in the workroom, if you don’t use the money you can give it to another designer.

      Having someone lose their money and helping them out is one thing, having the host of the show give a green light to contestants to ask for $ is another. Yu don’t see the contestants using each other’s left over change from week to week, the contestants have to make it work on the budget they are given.

      Ironically, only the designer in question decided to ask….. hhhhmmm.

      As for the comments on Eastern Indian fashion, I am not going to fall into the trap of that insinuation, it holds no merit.

      Thanks for the comments! As you said there is a diversity of opinions and that is great in life, not just arts and crafts!


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