SPOILERS – #BB16 – August 14, 2014 – Eviction Night @BigBrotherDish @Hamsterwatch @CBSBigBrother


I wasn’t in the mood to write-up a report last night and honestly, not much happened.

Julie looked hot with her Veronica Lake hair.

A Zach/Donnie conversation was sweet.  It broke my heart to see Donny cry as he knows he is completely alone in the house.

Frankie, Caleb and Christine went to the Dallas Cowboys training camp.

Nicole was evicted on a unanimous vote.  Her interview with Julie was cute.


Dual HOH winners were Frankie and Derrick.

Frankie-Grande  BB16 Derrick

Like I said, not much happened.

To make a boring show even more boring, CBS dug up has-been Rachel for her “insight.”   I turned the channel.

We have been PROMISED the Double HOH ends this week.  It has to, there just aren’t enough people left to keep it going.  And next week, Jocasta, Hayden, Nicole and the new evicted HG will battle to come back in.

I enjoyed the Double HOH as a one season thing, I can take it or leave it for future.  This week CBS, finally got what they wanted with a HOH to eviction all in one week scenario.

The return to the game scenario, I don’t care.    I am not a fan of returning players or All-Star seasons etc.  My feeling is you have one chance and when it is over it is time for the next person to take their turn in the spotlight.

Well that’s a wrap for this week, hopefully there will be some excitement coming up soon!

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