I hate suicide and think it is a selfish way to die.  There I said it.

I say this as a surviving son of parents who lost their teenage child in a car accident and saw how death destroys a family.  We lost my brother in an accident, I can only imagine what the death of a loved one at their own hands can do.

Imagine the guessing game a wife, husband, children or friends will have to play; “did I miss something?”  “What could I have done?”  “Why didn’t I do more to help?

Yes, suicide is selfish, it is cruel and it pisses me off.

With that said, I feel immense compassion for the person who takes their own life.  No one knows our own internal struggles or demons.  I don’t claim to be an expert, I only know what is left behind is a total mess.

While the person who dies no longer feels the pain, those left behind have a constant reminder of the loss and questions of why.

It appears that one of our brightest stars has ended his own life to suicide.  He will be grieved by millions, immortalized, lauded and honored.  For his family and friends a hole now burns in their hearts through eternity.

The pain is gone for the one who is dead, it lives on for those affected.

No one knows the pain of the person who ends their own life, I don’t judge that pain.  However, that selfish pained act spreads through numerous other lives once the last breath is taken.

As a society, we must do more to combat depression and addiction.  Until we erase the stigma of these diseases more families will have to live with the pain of loss their loved one couldn’t overcome in their final moment of life

Last night, we were slapped in the face by an entertainment icon taking his life.  We are all saddened by this and feel pain for the lost.

Each year over 30,000 Americans die from suicide, the horror is multiplied by thousands more because of the effect on those left behind.

We must do more to show compassion for those living with depression, bullying, addiction, mental illness and other pains of day-to-day life.  If we as a society begin to deal with these issues through grace and attack the problem as a community, maybe the lives of so many will not be lost.

The suicide affects more than the dead, its finality is most cruel for those left behind.




2 thoughts on “Suicide

  1. Suzanne Ens says:

    I can only think he must have been in such a deep dark hopeless place that he would leave behind so much pain for the ones he loved most in the world. We simply cannot understand a place so devoid of joy and hope that one would be compelled to end it. There is no reasoning or thinking just something I (luckily) don’t understand but I do know it to be there for some. It is physiological, chemical, but affects the body and the mind. So sad, I have seen this in my partner’s family and others as well as working for the LSU psych and social work dept decades ago.


    • Kendall says:

      Like you I can’t imagine the darkness someone gets to in making suicide a viable option. I hope I never know. Unfortunately that dark place is inflicted on those left behind.

      Thanks for your comments and for stopping by Gay 50.


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