@WTSP10News @TammieFields – Florida Church Cancels Gay Man’s Funeral w/ Commentary

Man: Church cancels funeral for gay spouse

The church had no comment, but the family was able to find another clergy member to preside.

Tampa, Florida — As the debate over gay marriage continues to heat up in Florida, there’s a new concern over whether places of worship should offer funerals for members of same-sex couples.

A grieving Tampa man says he should have stuck with his spouse’s last wish, which was to have his service at a funeral home, because when they made arrangements at their family’s place of worship, New Hope Missionary Baptist Church, he says the pastor suddenly canceled the service.

With tears streaming down his face Friday, Kendall Capers held a photo in his lap and cried as he said, “That was my best friend. It’s a complete void and I don’t even know how to fix it.”

Read the entire story and see video report here.

GAY50:  There comes a time when simple compassion and grace must show up, this was one of those times.

I have no doubt,  the Rev. TW Jenkins of the New Hope Missionary Baptist Church of Tampa, FL, would not have a problem preaching the funeral of gang-members or felons, but because of someone’s sexual orientation he put personal bigotry ahead of God’s teachings.

Rev. Jenkins is a hate-monger.  To cast aside a family and child of God during a time of grief is the lowest of the low.

For this man to assign himself the role of judge goes against Christ teachings, his hatred cannot be ignored and all people of faith should speak out against his callous decision and hatred.

When Rev. TW Jenkins looks in the mirror, I am certain he will NOT see what Jesus would do.

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