Project Runway – Episode 3; 8.7.14 …. Week 3 Another WTF Moment, @ProjectRunway @LifetimeTV

Project Runway LogoNow three weeks in a row, the judges of Project Runway have left me scratching my head at the end of 90 minutes.

Honestly, I don’t know how much more I am going to be able to stomach, the designers deserve better, the legacy of the show deserves better and the viewers deserve better.

This week’s challenge was a celebration of 20 years of Marie Claire. The show began with a retrospective of 20 years of the magazine.

The contestants were given the challenge of creating a look that would be in the pages of Marie Claire 20 years into the future, 2034.

The group got their first visit to Mood and upon their return were greeted with pics of themselves from 20 years ago.  This was a cute touch.

Honestly the show was a snooze-fest until time for the runway.

The six looks below were judged best and worst…..

Andrew 3  Angela 3  Emily 3

Kristine 3  Sandhya 3  Sean 3

If I am being honest, of the six pulled out for individual judging, I can agree with the placement of worst.

The three best designs, selected by the judges were…..

Emily 3  Emily

Kristine 3 Kristine

Sandhya 3 Sandhya

The bottom three designs, chosen by the judges were….

Andrew 3  Andrew

Angela 3  Angela

Sean 3  Sean

I had no qualms with the designs chosen for the bottom three.  It was obvious Andrew and Sean struggled through this challenge from beginning to end and Angela has struggled since the director called “action” on day one of shooting.

Eliminated this week was Angela.  As usual, Tim got it right, when he told her she was a talented designer, but this just wasn’t the place for her to showcase that talent.  Leave it to Tim Gunn to save the day for what was another BAD show.

With Andrew, Angela and Sean in the bottom three the judges chose Emily, Kristine and Sandhya for the top.  This week the judges got two right….. I guess that can be counted as an improvement.

However, there were at least two designs that could have (and should have) replaced Sandhya in the Top Three.

Char 3  Char

Mitchell 3  Mitchell.  (I get it that Mitchell’s seams didn’t match up perfectly, however at least he was using interesting materials and design, not an exhaust pipe thrown over someone’s shoulders)

But alas, the judges went with the weird again.  Forget design or fashion, they chose Sandhya as the winner, making comments about how creative it was that she didn’t put the exhaust piping where the person wearing this frock would have to sit.  REALLY?  I don’t know how to sew a button, but I know enough not to put a pipe on someone’s ass to sit on!

Honestly, I just don’t get it.  The judging is ruining this show and I can only blame Posen as PR had a great mix with Michael Kors and now that is gone along with the class of the show.

Who do I think should have won?


Kristine 3

I’ll give it another try next week, however Project Runway is quickly moving to low man on the totem pole for my Thursday night viewing.  If I don’t catch it on first run, I’ll catch it when I can.

What did you think?


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