SPOILERS – #BB16 – August 7, 2014 – Double Eviction Night or Big Brother Christmas! @BigBrotherDish @Hamsterwatch @CBSBigBrother

LogoWhen we left the show last night, the scene was set.  Tonight  Zach would be eliminated and sent to the  Jury House.

Well, SURPRISE…… things may have changed dramatically in the last 24 hours!

Tonight is like Christmas Eve for Big Brother Super Fans…. a double elimination, moving into jury and second half of the season starting… the anticipation is overwhelming, who could ask for more!

While I have enjoyed this season and some of the twist, the real game starts tonight when alliances start to eat their own in the true pursuit for $500,000.

Now let’s get to the fun…..  IT’S A DOUBLE EVICTION NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Things will move fast tonight, so hang on and let’s do this!

A recap of the week shows everyone deciding that it is time for  Zach to be evicted.  Frankie and Caleb are the last two to be convinced.  It looks like a unanimous eviction.

Caleb’s concern about voting out  Zach is that he is a number for his side of  the house.

Derrick starts to reconsider the eviction and agrees with Caleb’s “numbers” comment.  Derrick and Cody decide to keep  Zach and vote out Jocasta.

Tonight’s vote should be split…… and it now looks like Jocasta will be evicted.

In their final plea to stay  Zach gave the best “keep me” speech in BB history!


Donny –   Zach

Caleb – Jocasta

Christine – Jocasta

Derrick – Jocasta

Cody – Jocasta

Hayden –   Zach

Frankie – Jocasta

Victoria – Jocasta

Jocasta is eliminated 6 – 2.

Hayden, Donny and Nicole are in shock.

BB16 Jocasta



Nicole is visibly PISSED.

Math competition for HOH.

Question one, everyone is out except Caleb, Christine and  Zach

Zach is out next.

Caleb is HOH.

BB16 Caleb


Caleb gives the “there is a line drawn in the sand” speech and nominates Hayden and Donny.  Nicole is obviously WAY off her game, struggling and visibly shaken.

BB16 Hayden  Donny


Playing for POV is Caleb, Donny, Hayden,  Zach, Victoria and Christine.

Donny with POV to save himself.

Donny is visibly weak at the end of the competition and has to be carried off the course.



Donny uses the POV and removes himself from the block.

Caleb nominates Nicole in Donny’s place.




Cody –  Nicole

Christine  –  Hayden

Derrick – Hayden

Donny – (Donny needs medical attention) Nicole

Frankie – Hayden

Zach – Hayden

Victoria – Hayden

5 – 2 Vote, Hayden is evicted.

BB16 Hayden

Whew’ I’m exhausted!

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