@WritingPrompts – 8.5.14 – Machismo

For the last few weeks I have been following “Writing Prompts” on Twitter.  Every day they post several times, giving 3 words to choose from for a prompt.

I have been speed writing a sentence or paragraph in my journal to go along with the word.  I thought it may be fun to start posting these.  I don’t claim they are good, just free flow writing to keep things moving along.


I remember growing up, there was that one guy who thought he was it.  He had that walk that annoyed me, the voice that was obnoxious and an attitude that was far too much for his personality.


He wanted everyone to think he was the Big Man on Campus, when actually he was annoying and one of the people we all laughed at from behind.  It wasn’t nice that we made fun of him, but his machismo was much less obvious to those of us who were in his presence on a daily basis.


At our recent reunion, he still had it, an over-inflated opinion of himself.  Now even more pathetic in his overweight, comb-over, grayed state.

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