Project Runway – Episode 2; 7.31.14 …. WTF @ProjectRunway @LifetimeTV

LogoIt seems like this season, Project Runway has made the conscious decision to prove that the viewers have no idea what good fashion is and are going to force it down our throats.  Seriously some of the designers who are “making it work” are being shot down by designers who a making a mess!

Both of this season’s winners, in my opinion, should have been in or near the bottom.  But alas, I am not Nina Garcia.

This week was the unconventional materials challenge.  The designers met in a movie theater and were paired into teams of three.  They were given the tools of their trade for this challenge, supplies found in a movie theater.

Designers never like to work in teams and it was apparent from the outset that there would be trouble.  There was.

With Tim’s walk-about, one team of designers was so concerned that they scrapped their looks and went in a new direction to develop cohesion.  This decision would be their downfall.  This team of Carrie, Hernan and Sandhya seemed to have the most issues.  With Sandhya having immunity and a stubborn streak, the team was doomed from the outset.

All the teams got a look on the runway.  For me, the best of the night was Char, Kini and Mitchell.

I thought their looks were cohesive and interesting with a good use of the unconventional materials.

Char 2  Kini 2  Mitchell 2

As much as I ripped on Mitchell last week, he did a great job in Episode 2.  He was creative and his dress was wearable.  While not the most creative design elements were incorporated into the silhouette, the look was stunning as it travelled down the runway and isn’t that what the designers are supposed to be judged on?

My favorite look of the week came from Sean.  Using the straws from a movie theater concession booth, he made a beautiful white fringed dress with black accent.  I do think his team would have been on top, if it had not been for Angela’s mess of a design.  (Angela needs to get it together QUICKLY!)

Sean’s look was impeccable.

Sean 2

The judges release all contestants to safety except the teams of

Kristine, Amanda and Korina  and

Winners 2

Carrie, Sandhya and Hanan.

Losers 2

The judges announce the winners as the Team of Kristine, Amanda and Korina with the losers being Carrie, Sandhya and Hanan.

WOW…. week 2 of WTF judging decisions.

I get it that Carrie, Sandhya and Hanan looked like a costume from a Destiny’s Child video, but they weren’t the horror that Zac Posen made them out to be.  The looks were cohesive and wearable.  After an impassioned plea to stay, an angry Carrie was sent home.  She didn’t leave gracefully, but much of what she said was true.

The REAL losers of the night were the designs of Kristine, Amanda and Korina, but somehow the judges chose them as best.  I don’t get it this year, I don’t understand what it is the judges are looking for, but it certainly isn’t beautiful, wearable clothes.

To top it off, the winning look was Amanda’s tassel speaker wire and chain abomination.  REALLY, I have seen cuter clothes designed by my 7-year-old neighbor on Barbie doll.

In the judges eyes, this was the best look of the runway….. really?

Amanda 2

I can’t believe Amanda was chosen the winner, it was my absolute least favorite look of the week.  So I don’t get it, but what I also don’t get is the condescension from Zac Posen towards the designers.  I understand that in his mind he is one of the world’s great design aficionados, but why is it important for him to ridicule and embarrass the designers who are trying to further their career.  It is unattractive and quite frankly does not represent the show well.

Project Runway has always been a show I could get excited for.  It has featured great young talents with a mentor who cared and judges who tried to make them better.  I don’t know what Lifetime’s goal for the show is this year, but it seems to be changed dramatically from what has made it a long time hit.

4 thoughts on “Project Runway – Episode 2; 7.31.14 …. WTF @ProjectRunway @LifetimeTV

  1. Suzanne Ens says:

    Well we agree again. Altho not a Mitchell P fan I adored that dress, the most! And was sure Amanda’s team was the worst & she the worst of the worst. Her dress was a friggin mess.


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