@WritingPrompts – 7.30.14 – Pier

For the last few weeks I have been following “Writing Prompts” on Twitter.  Every day they post several times, giving 3 words to choose from for a prompt.

I have been speed writing a paragraph in my journal to go along with the word.  I thought it may be fun to start posting this.  I don’t claim they are good, just free flow writing to keep things moving along.


I had found the perfect place to propose.  The scene was set as I walked my lady down the pier. The sun was setting on a perfect day and my only hope was that it would soon be even better.  As we walked, all I could imagine was the look on her face when I dropped to my knee.


Finally, we were there, the water’s edge and a hope for my future on the tip of my tongue.  As I dropped to my knee and held her hand I said “Steph, you are all I have wanted.  For me the sun rises and sets on your face, the shore washes with your voice, you are my everything.  Stephanie, I can’t imagine my life without you, would you do me the honor of being my wife?”



As the words escaped my throat, I could see tears pool in her beautiful blue eyes, after a pause that seemed like forever, she took a breath and began to speak……



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