Project Runway – Season 13 Premier…. HUH? First-Impressions @ProjectRunway @LifetimeTV

LogoLast night was the season premier of Project Runway.  Season 13, will it be jinxed?  If last night was any indication, I am afraid to say the answer is a resounding YES!

So the show begins with too many contestants and having to get rid of 3 before even starting.  The three eliminated, Emmanuel Tobias, Nzinga Knight and Tim Navarro should have all made it to the show.

Especially Nzinga Knight who was showcasing fashions that made a woman look sophisticated and elegant.  Sadly and predictably, the judges chose slutty and naked to enter the competition.

As soon as the three were eliminated, a past contestant Amanda Valentine was ushered back into the workroom.

I like Amanda Valentine, I think she is a fine designer and she did well on her season, THAT is where it should end.  I hate this bringing back a former contestant thing, hand-me-downs are never as pretty the second time around!

The contestants are assigned their workroom locations and given a trunk with five different fabrics.  The goal of this challenge is to design a piece that could represent them during a finale Fashion Week Showcase for Spring 2015.

The contestants all get busy designing and trading fabrics and getting to know each other.

Tim (LOVE TIM GUNN!!!!!) comes in for his first walk about critiques.  Some go better than others.  Some listen, some don’t.

Models meet the designers and have their first fittings.

Time for the runway and everyone got a look completed and ready for the runway.  THIS IS WHERE THE SHOW WENT OFF THE RAILS FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There were some nice designs and some bad designs.

The winner of the Runway Show was Sandhya Garg with her, “fighting off attack” look.   Nothing says spring like a girl in a dirty ripped dress!

Sandhya Garg    Week 1 Winner

Eliminated from the Runway was Jefferson Musanda.  While I wasn’t crazy about some of the work that put him on the show, the outfit he designed for the first runway was no where close to as bad as the tennis dress designed by Mitchell Perry.

CLEARLY this was an elimination based on who will make better TV.  Perry is a drama queen with multiple one-liners that will cause havoc in the design studio.  It will be interesting to see how long the judges and Lifetime keep him on eliminating more deserving contestants in the process.

Now for my first impressions of this season’s contestants……

Alexander KnoxAlexander Knox – he is quiet and talented.  I expect to see him go a long way in this competition, hopefully all the way to Lincoln Center and Fashion Week.  I think this guy is a VERY strong contender!



Amanda ValentineAmanda Valentine – talented designer.  Had her chance already, didn’t deserve a second try.





Angela SumAngela Sum – she needs to get hold of her nerves and get some confidence.  She is beautifully talented, if she can gain some composure, she could go far.




Carrie SleutskayaCarrie Sleutskaya – I don’t know, I am sure she is talented, she is hip, way cooler than I am and has blue hair therefore Zac Posen will think she is courageous.  I just didn’t get it.




Char Glover

Char Glover – Should have won the first challenge.  She is a self-taught designer from Detroit, the judges will bring that up constantly and as soon as they can cut her they will.  She SHOULD stay in the competition longer than she will.  BEAUTIFUL clothes!



Emily PayneEmily Payne – I don’t know why she made it on the show.





fade zu graufade zu grau – he fulfills the “weird” character for the year.  He will annoy and frustrate and be eliminated in about week 4.




Herman LanderHerman Lander – TALENT!  Is this guy Karl Lagerfeld 40 years ago or what?  He will go far and by far I mean all the way to the Fashion Week Finale.




Kini ZamoraKini Zamora – honestly, I don’t remember anything about him except he sleeps on the floor of his design space and closes his eyes when choosing what he will wear for the day.




Korina EmmerichKorina Emmerich – she is good.  Seems like she has her head on straight and is there to work and further her career.  I suspect she will do just that.




Kristine GuicoKristine Guico





Mitchell PerryMitchell Perry – he is on the show to become a character, he should have already gone home and unfortunately other, more deserving designers, will go before he does.




Samantha PlasenciaSamantha Plasencia – she is a tomboy designer.  I expect her to make it another week or so and then be eliminated.




Sandhya Garg 1Sandhya Garg – she is very talented, I like the designs she showed to get on the show…. I HATED the design she created to win the first challenge.




Sean KellySean Kelly – this is my pick for the designer who SHOULD make it to the finale and won’t.





Overall, it looks like there are 7 or 8 really good designers on the show this year.  There are also some people there just to play a character and I hope they will leave soon so we can see an actual competition.

Tim Gunn touches my heart whenever he speaks and I can’t wait for another year of his incredible mentoring and love for the contestants.  He is one of the best fixtures on any TV show.

Heidi Klum, LOVE.  It is time she started dressing her age a bit, however, if I had that body I wouldn’t wear anything….EVER!

Nina Garcia is back and I am happy!  I love her bite, one liners and feigned disgust over a zipper placement.

Zac Posen sits on the judging panel again this year…. can we PLEASE have our Michael Kors back!?!?!?!!?

After watching episode one and the pre-show, I have a good feel for who I think will make it to Fashion Week and the finale.

My final three …..

Korina Emmerich  Herman Lander  Alexander Knox

Let’s see what happens and MAKE IT WORK!


9 thoughts on “Project Runway – Season 13 Premier…. HUH? First-Impressions @ProjectRunway @LifetimeTV

  1. Adri Aan says:

    Sorry Dude Project Runway 13 is much Better for NOT having bitchy Michael Kors on it– Mean is not always funny. I’d also have more confidence in his Fashion if he weren’t always in the same Clothes. He is Fat we get it, The Show feels kind of revitalized since Zac joined in Season 12. Jefferson’s Outfit was Horrible he deserved to go!!! I would’ve thrown off Hernan though not Carrie!


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