SPOILERS 7.24.14– #BB16 Eviction and HOH @BigBrotherDish @Hamsterwatch @CBSBigBrother

LogoJulie is looking hot in black and white with some FIERCE heels.

The show starts with a wrap-up of nominations.  Cody feels bad for nominating Donny and his alliance tries to convince Donny he is safe.

Brittany campaigns to Caleb.  He tells her he supports her staying.  Caleb goes to the Alliance and tells them he hopes Donny goes home.

Julie shares Frankie’s family tragedy with the audience.  His grandfather passed away.  The houseguests try to comfort him and Brittany reads the letter from his family.  Frankie’s family insists he stay on the show.

Zach is particularly torn up by the announcement and many of the others cry along with Frankie.

Frankie shares his coming out story with the HG and how his grandfather was the first to say “so what.”   The HGs share a group hug.

CBS has done a nice job with this situation, they should be commended.

Julie announced the Have-Nots as determined by the FitBits, the four chosen this week are…….  Nicole, Caleb, Christine and Derrick.


As info, Brittany looks HOT!  

Jocasta – Brittany

Nicole – Brittany

Hayden – Brittany

Amber – Brittany

Derrick – Brittany

Caleb – Brittany

Christine – Brittany

Victoria – Brittany

Zach – Brittany

Frankie – Brittany

10 – 0 Brittany is evicted.  You can tell by her face that she expected to at least get one or two votes to stay.  She leaves with class, but whispers a private message to Jocasta.

Another kudos to CBS, they brought Brittany’s kids out to meet her!

BB16 Brittany


Side note…. why the hell is Caleb carrying around a sock monkey???!?!?!?!!???


HOH – Country HIts

Faceoff of Country Song about a competition…. guess if it is HOH, BOB or POV, get it right and u stay in the game.

Hayden vs. Christine –  Christine

Donny vs Jocasta – Donny

Frankie vs Caleb – Frankie

Amber vs Victoria – Amber

Derrick vs  Donny – Derrick

Nicole vs.  Zach –  Zach

Amber vs Christine – Christine

Frankie vs Derrick – Frankie (Derrick stood back and let him get it so he could win HOH for pictures of his grandfather  Classy move by Derrick and MAJOR smart game move!)

Christine vs  Zach –  Zach

This wee’s HOH are …….

BB16 Zach  Frankie-Grande

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