SPOILERS Sunday, 7.20.14– #BB16 HOH, BOB, Nominations @BigBrotherDish @Hamsterwatch @CBSBigBrother


The show starts with the HOH competition in process.

Competing Partners are:

Jocasta and Brittany

Donny and Hayden

Zach and Amber

Cody and Frankie

Victoria and Christine

Nicole and Caleb

Donny and Hayden

As outgoing HOH, Derrick does not compete.


The competition comes down to Zach  and Amber  & Frankie and Cody.

Frankie and Cody win HOH.


The house guests go in to see the HOH room.  Cody gets a letter from him dad.  Frankie’s letter is from his sister, Ari, or Arianna Grande as some people may know her.
The Detonators, a new alliance,  is formed of five of the former Bomb Squad.  Frankie, Cody, Christine, Derrick and  Zach.  Cable and Amber are left out of the alliance.


Cody and Frankie shared their man crush on  Zac Efron in a cute segment, Hayden gives his heart to Leonardo DiCaprio.


Frankie gets the Team America mission, they must nominate a physical threat to complete their duty.  Derrick says Amber is the biggest threat for the women.  Donny is brought in for conversation and he agrees on Amber.


Frankie-Grande Nominates…..


Amber   BB16 Jocasta


Cody  Nominates……


BB16 Brittany  BB16 Vic


The women are PISSED!  They are tired of being nominated and tired of being pawns….. the women are PISSED!



In a large chess version of the BOB, Frankie’s team is eliminated.

Jocasta is the first to eliminate.  Brittany is out next, followed by Victoria.

The only HOH is now

Cody and the house guests on the block are Brittany and Victoria.

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