SPOILERS #BB16 – Nomination Predictions for #BackDoorDevin Week @BigBrotherDish @Hamsterwatch @CBSBigBrother

bb16Last night couldn’t have gone better.  Paola was evicted from the house on a 10-2 vote, proving to Devin the that house is aligned against him.  In the final speeches by the nominees, they let it be known that Devin is now target numero uno in the house!

In a perfect twist on the Head of Household competition Derrick and Nicole are Heads of Household.

Here is my prediction for nominations…..

Nicole will nominate Victoria and Amber

Derrick will nominate Jocasta and Caleb

Here’s why….

Victoria does nothing for the game, she just lays around and when she does get involved she bring drama.  Nicole is a player, she has no patience for floaters.

Amber will be nominated for purely strategic reasons that I will get to shortly.

Derrick will nominate Jocasta.  She frustrates him because he can’t get a handle on her.  She is ALMOST as good at the mind game of Big Brother as Derrick is, but not quite.  Additionally, Derrick believes if Jocasta played in the POV and wasn’t nominated she would let the noms stand and that is NOT the plan this week.

Derrick will nominate Caleb.  He will have him convinced that it is a power play for the BOB competition… it is not.  Derrick will nominate Caleb to ensure that if he wins the POV he will be forced to use it, either on himself of Amber and that is the same thinking for why Amber will be nominated.

Only four people would not use the POV unless they had to….  Caleb, Amber, Jocasta and Devin.

The only way Devin will not be back doored this week is if he wins the POV.

Oh, please let it be so.

#BackDoorDevin week is in effect!

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