SPOILERS – Big Brother 16 -Episode 5 #BB16 @CBSBigBrother @BigBrotherDish @Hamsterwatch @BBArchive @BBGossip

bb16Julie is wearing a blue dress to match Joey’s hair when she gets evicted.

Devin continues to prove he is the most annoying player in history, insisting that the vote is unanimous.

Joey finds out that Caleb and Devin are running the house and insisting she get kicked out.

Joey begins an all out campaign, Zach  tells her he is voting with the house and Caleb and Devin are running things.

Joey turns into “Alex” to get people to vote to keep her in the house.  Joey/Alex confronts everyone in the house…. except for Devin who hid.

Everyone in the house knows Joey has a point… but the vote is going to be to evict Joey.

BB16 replays the whole Caleb loves Amber thing.  And Amber doesn’t love Caleb back but he doesn’t understand that.  Caleb acts like he is in the 7th grade.  Seeing a man castrated on live television is REALLY uncomfortable viewing.

Joey and Paola give cute “save me” speeches.

The Vote:

Devin – Joey

Derrick – Joey

Frankie – Joey

Cody – Joey

Zach – Joey

Brittney – Joey

Nicole – Joey

Christine – Joey

Victoria – Joey

Jocasta – Joey

Hayden  – Joey

Amber – Joey

Donny – Joey

Julie lets the HG know….. unanimous vote… Joey is out.  Joey leaves gracefully, ignoring Devin at the door.

Joey is cute in her interview with Julie.

Women vs. Men HOH Competition….

Transfer kegs… women first…. then the men…..

This week’s HOH are……

Amber  Devin

Amber and Devin….. UGH!  Can’t stand Devin, wins on a technicality and NO ONE seemed happy about him being HOH but him….. UGH!

Team America…. DONNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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