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bb16The show has a new opening this year… I like it, the Brady Bunch boxes were getting old.

Frankie and Caleb show off their HOH room.

Christine and Nicole form a nerd twin bond.

Frankie and Caleb, begin forming a strategy.  They see that the two of them together could be a formidable team.  Frankie and Caleb decide to include Devin and Derrick as part of an all-male alliance.  The Bomb Squad is formed.

Derrick knows it is too early to make these type of alliances and says so in the Diary Room.  But he goes along with the plan in front of the guys.

Zach is invited into the Bomb Squad.  Cody is invited into the Bomb Squad alliance.

Devin and Caleb try to be the “enforcers” of the alliance.

Cody knows it is too early to make these type of alliance, but tells Caleb and Devin what they want to hear and goes along with it.

Christine and Nicole continue to bond as the nerd twins.

Devin reconfirmed his alliance with Donny and the Double D’s.   Donny continues to believe the alliance is in tact, Devin on the other hand now is in 12, 14, 67 alliances and the one with Donny is the one he is least invested in.

Frankie and Caleb discuss the nominations.  They decide to each put up a guy and a girl for nomination.

New nominations box!  I like it!


House Guests are brought around dining room table for nominations.  This year, the HOH just tells who they nominated and it is  no longer a drawn out ceremony.  I miss the suspense of drawing the keys, but also like just making it happen.

BB16 CalebCaleb nominates:















Frankie-GrandeFrankie nominates:





BB16 VicVictoria





BB16 BrittanyBrittany






Frankie goes against the plan to nominate a male and female.  Victoria and Brittany both cry.

The nerd twins celebrate not being nominated.

Caleb feels genuinely bad about nominating his two people for eviction.

Frankie takes Victoria aside to talk with her.  Frankie blames Caleb for her being nominated as he nominated first and there were no other options.  Victoria now has a vendetta out for Frankie, the trust and friendship is broken.

Devin decides to bring in a couple of girls to the Bomb Squad.  Without discussing it with any of his other alliance members, he tells Christine and Amber all about the Bomb Squad male alliance.  He tells them he thinks he can trust them and wants them in the all-male alliance.

He goes to Caleb at 4:30 AM to tell him they need to bring in Amber and Christine.  The women are part of the Bomb Squad officially, because Devin decided to make them part.

The next morning, Devin informs the other Bomb Squad members that there are 8 members of the alliance.

Cody, Frankie and Derrick are smart enough to know Devin is an idiot and just ruined their alliance.

Dear Sweet Baby Jesus, PLEASE let Donny stay on the show for a LONG time, he is television gold!

Devin decides that Donny is a genius and is paranoid about his abilities.  All the members of the Bomb Squad are realising that Devin is a loose cannon…. I expect him to be out of the house very soon!


The HG are all dressed up for a 1920’s soiree.

The contest is cute, but Paola is a sad swinger…. SAD!  Wow, she  is bad.

Brittney and Victoria win the BOB Competition and they are safe from elimination.  Frankie is no longer HOH.

Wednesday is POV competition.

Just for fun, I am going to fo back to my original thoughts on the contestants, and then show what I think now…..

paola_shea-550x825Paola – narcissist, man-eater  This girl hasn’t done anything to change my mind.  She is going to be a floater who is kept around for a vote because she serves no threat in competitions or socially.

DonnyDonny – country boy, will be out quick, still lives at home with mama and daddy. Nicest guy to ever play Big Brother. I love this guy!  He is great television and I would like to see how he evolves and endears himself to the others through the summer, I hope he stays around for a long time!

CodyCody – cute, hot body, All-American boy soccer player… CONTENDER  He is smart and has the ability to see things as they really are, I still see him as a major contender.

Frankie-GrandeFrankie – flamer…. ANNOYING, the gay stereotype I hate to see on these shows.  Ok, I judged Frankie too harshly.  He is still a bit too flamboyant for my tastes, but everyone seems to really like him, he has an awesome social game and has some athletic abilities.  What I am NOT going to enjoy is seeing Frankie on Thursday nights live shows… he is going to be WAY too on and that is going to wear thin quickly.

AmberAmber – pretty girl, athletic, think she will be fun to watch.  No impact so far on shows, on the live feeds much different story.  Amber will be the unraveling of one of the primary players so far in the game.

NicoleNicole – small town girl, will be a crier, Big Brother super fan, her skin isn’t thick enough  Love that she is a nerd twin, she knows the game and is going to be more impactful than I originally thought.

DevinDevin – HOT, single dad and could be a contender IF he isn’t seen as too much of a threat.  Possibly the absolute WORST player in Big Brother history…. this dude is a train wreck and if he were 1/10th as smart as he thinks he is, he would STILL be the worst player in BB history…. the sooner he goes the better!

JoeyJoey – blue hair, way liberal, left-wing, will cause fights and be short-lived on the show  I stand by my original impression.

BB16 VicVictoria – sexy, orthodox, should be interesting, I can see major conflict between her and Paola.  Floater.

BB16 CalebCaleb – metro sexual country boy, he may completely annoy me and be a bit too full of himself to go very far in the game.  I see the others evicting him at their earliest opportunity.  Expect him to cause at least one house explosion before he goes.  More multi-faceted than I thought he would be.  Not only is he nice to look at, but he is a beast in the game, I just hope he doesn’t get over-confident and implode.

BB16 BrittanyBrittany – hottie divorcee with three kids, sexy MILF.  I think being away from her kids will be tough on her, but she appears to be good socially and athletically.  She’s ok, nothing special, uses her MILF-dome to her advantage.

BB16 ChristineChristine – millennial, way too smart for her own good, already bored with her, she is going to play WAY too hard.  She is good and as part of the Nerd Twins, fun to watch.

BB16 DerrickDerrick – undercover cop, if he is any good at his job he could win this thing!  He is good, I still say he is one of the favorites to win.

BB16 ZachZach – a kid from right here in PBG FL., I know some guys who know him and they all describe him with one word…. crazy.  He should be fun to watch.  A self-professed liar and know it all, maybe he won’t be fun to watch!  I don’t hate him, don’t love him, the jury is still out.

BB16 JocastaJocasta – preacher, mother will be a lightning rod in the house. She is fun and convicted but I expect her to be evicted before the jury house.

BB16 HaydenHayden – this season’s McCrae.  Did he leave the house?  Pretty much no impact.

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