SPOILERS – Big Brother 16 -Night 2 of Premier #BB16 @CBSBigBrother @BigBrotherDish @Hamsterwatch

bb16Episode Two of premier week….  Julie is rocking a hot pink asymmetrical strapless dress.  Julie’s fashions are working so far this season!  With a thick pony in back, Julie is sassy and sexy.







Night Two, meet the house guests… here are my very first impressions.

BB16 VicVictoria – sexy, orthodox, should be interesting, I can see major conflict between her and Paola.

BB16 CalebCaleb – metro sexual country boy, he may completely annoy me and be a bit too full of himself to go very far in the game.  I see the others evicting him at their earliest opportunity.  Expect him to cause at least one house explosion before he goes.

BB16 BrittanyBrittany – hottie divorcee with three kids, sexy MILF.  I think being away from her kids will be tough on her, but she appears to be good socially and athletically.

BB16 ChristineChristine – millennial, way too smart for her own good, already bored with her, she is going to play WAY too hard.

BB16 DerrickDerrick – undercover cop, if he is any good at his job he could win this thing!

BB16 ZachZach – a kid from right here in PBG FL., I know some guys who know him and they all describe him with one word…. crazy.  He should be fun to watch.  A self-professed liar and know it all, maybe he won’t be fun to watch!

BB16 JocastaJocasta – preacher, mother will be a lightning rod in the house.

BB16 HaydenHayden – this season’s McCrae.

Julie informs the HG that eight competitors are already in the house and that a HOH is already crowned.  She also informs that one of these eight will also be HOH.

The HG are released to the house.  All 16 guests meet each other and go through introductions.  Donny is so much fun to watch during this process, he has probably met more people since moving into the house than his entire circle of people back home, I love watching him experience the BB Game.

Is Caleb really wearing a sleeveless hoodie, board shorts and cowboy boots?  OMG he has already annoyed me BIG TIME.

Zach proves to be a total ass from the outset.  His rudeness to Frankie is uncalled for especially after meeting someone for five minutes.  The sooner he gets evicted and goes back to being an unemployed tool the better!

HOH Part 2 is called,  Over the Coals… hold on to a BBQ spit as long as you can, last person holding on wins.

Victoria is first out.

Here comes the BBQ sauce…. Brittany is out.

Jocasta, out.

Christine, gone.

Zach throws it and drops.

Derrick’s out, he throws it too.

Hayden is out and the second winner of HOH is Caleb.

BB16 Caleb

Julie calls everyone into the Living Room.

She informs the HG that each week 2 HOH will be crowned.  Each HOH will nominate 2 people for eviction.  Total of 4 nominees each week.  New competition for Battle of the Block….  the two nominees from each side will compete and the winners will be taken off the block.

The HOH from the losing side will then be put back into the pool of regular house guests.

(The way I see it, this new Battle of the Block competition is designed to get rid of floaters and I like it!  A HOH is less likely to nominate a major player too soon because of the chances they can get taken out quickly too…. this Battle of the Block could be the best thing ever to hit the Big Brother game!)

I LIKE THIS NEW TWIST AND GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Julie introduces the Team America alliance and the first member of the alliance is…….. Joey.

Two shows in…. this is going to be an AWESOME season!

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