Texas GOP Claims “Homosexuality Tears at the Fabric of Society” @LogCabinGOP



Dear Friend,

I can’t believe it had to come to this.

Fully sixteen years since Log Cabin Republicans pushed back against anti-gay bigotry in the Texas GOP after being denied a booth at the state convention in 1998, the Republican Party of Texas is at it again!

It’s bad enough that that the Texas GOP denied Log Cabin Republicans and our allies at Metroplex Republicans a formal spot at the convention, but they did so because — and I quote — “homosexuality tears at the fabric of society.”

Don’t believe me? Read the party platform for yourself at the Texas GOP website here.

Wild, huh?

We couldn’t sit idly by. We couldn’t be quiet. It was necessary to take a stand.

That’s why I journeyed to Fort Worth, Texas last week to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with common-sense conservatives from Log Cabin Republicans, Metroplex Republicans, Evangelical Christians, and Tea Party leaders with a warning to the Texas GOP: pushing an anti-gay platform will only deter people from voting Republican.

Don’t be fooled by Party officials trying to spin our exclusion because Log Cabin Republicans supports marriage equality. The fact is, even if we turned around today and said we supported the idea that marriage should be reserved for “one man and one woman,” Log Cabin Republicans would STILLbe denied formal participation at the Texas GOP Convention because “homosexuality tears at the fabric of society”!

This is the reality we are dealing with. But this isn’t 1998; this is 2014, and the Republican Party of Texas excludes Log Cabin Republicans from this year’s State Convention at its own peril.

I want to keep Texas red. Leadership of the Texas GOP leadership should, too.

It couldn’t be simpler: either you’re for #GOPAddition and a bigger tent, or #GOPSubtraction and losses at the ballot box.

I ask you today to join me and stand for #GOPAddition. Tweet it out. Push it on social media. Stand for the big-tent politics of Reagan. And give to Log Cabin Republicans. Your donation of $50, $100, $200 or more today will make sure we can push back against the the anti-gay fringe of the GOP still stuck in the exclusionary policies of the ’90s that put Bill Clinton in the White House.

Make no mistake: if Texas goes blue, Republicans will lose national elections forever

Your help today will make sure that doesn’t happen, and ensures that Log Cabin Republicans is able to keep fighting for a stronger, more inclusive conservative majority in Texas and the United States of America.

Thank you for your generous support. 


Gregory T. Angelo
Executive Director
Log Cabin Republicans

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