#SurvivorFinale @JeffProbst @Survivor_Tweet


Well I hate to brag…. but I think I called it.  ALL of it…..


Sur - Tony VlachosCongrats to Tony Viachos for Outwitting, Outplaying and Outlasting the others.

That final Tribal Council was brutal.  I think the question by Trish affected the game for everyone and it seemed to break Tony.  It was hard to see him admit the money was more important than the honor of his dead father.  I think Tony showed tremendous remorse for the way he played the game last night, it would be interesting to go back a few years from now and see if the money has been a blessing or curse.

Blood vs Water is back next season.  While I have said numerous times, I am not a fan of bringing players back, I won’t judge until the season begins.  I trust Mark Burnett and Jeff Probst to make great TV.

All in all, another good season.  Thanks Survivor!

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