@ItGetsBetter – Now Featuring Online Documentaries


The It Gets Better Project works across multiple media platforms to share messages of hope and possibility with LGBT youth.

We’re thrilled to introduce our newest project, “It Got Better,” an online docuseries in collaboration with Dan Bucatinsky, Lisa Kudrow and L/Studio.

Watch It Got Better

This week’s story features fashion industry leader and television personality Tim Gunn. Tim’s first hand account of the struggles he faced and the successes he’s been able to achieve will help LGBT young people envision a bright future for themselves.

Tim’s episode is the second in a our series of six to be released in the coming weeks. Be sure to also watch our first episode featuring Emmy Award Winner Jane Lynch, and stay tuned for more from musicians Tegan and Sarah, NBA athlete Jason Collins, and actors Laverne Cox and George Takei.

Remember that the most important story you can share is yours. If you haven’t done so already, please record a video of your story and let LGBT young people know that you are here for them as mentors, friends, and a community of acceptance.


Ted Farley
Executive Director
It Gets Better Project

P.S. Take a moment to make a donation of any amount to the It Gets Better Project today so that we can continue to create and share stories that empower LGBT youth.

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