Final Prediction – #SurvivorFinale @Survivor_Tweet @JeffProbst


Tonight is the night for Survivor Finale.  A couple of thoughts on the Season before tonight’s big night…..


  • It has been an ok season, honestly not my favorite but ok.


  • I am so happy that Survivor continues to keep it fresh, not a fan of the All-Star seasons or returning players, but somehow they continue to keep it fresh.


  • In addition to being the sexiest man on television, Jeff Probst continues to be the best host.


  • Brains vs Beauty vs Brawn was an interesting concept, like I said… keeping it fresh!


  • This season had some of the best Tribal Council ceremonies I have ever seen.


And now for my predictions…..


All season long I have been cheering for Woo to win,

Sur - Woo Hwang

at this point, I think his only chance of winning is if all the other players walk out and he is the only person sitting at the final session.  We know that isn’t going to happen and I see Woo’s chances of winning at zero.

Sur - Kass McQuillen Kass has even less chance of winning than Woo.   My bet is my name has a better chance of coming out of Probst final basket than Kass’ does.

This brings us to two people who both deserve to win….

Sur - Spencer Bledsoe Spencer vs. Sur - Tony Vlachos Tony

Both Spencer and Tony deserve the money.  Spencer has been on the bottom of the game since he was an outsider in the brain’s tribe.  Time and again he has fought back and prevented the others from voting him out.

Tony has been the brain of the game since day one.  He has run his alliance like Tony Soprano and when anyone dared to cross him, he took care of it.  He has continuously found idols and been genius in staying on top of what was going on with the other players.  (His well shack!????!!?!?!)

Both of these players deserve to win.  If Spencer makes it to the final vote, I think he will win against anyone.  If Tony makes it to the final, the only person he will lose against is Spencer.

If Spencer doesn’t make it to the final, Tony wins in a landslide.

Who wins?  My heart says Spencer, my head says Tony……..  I’m a heart guy, let’s go Spencer!

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