Allow me to ‘splain…..

10314763_10203877533763055_1893733624063679966_nI started this site as a gathering spot for those of us “of a certain age,” to share, learn, explore and enjoy together.

I started it a couple of months before my 50th birthday in hopes of getting some of the kinks out for a larger roll-out on my big day.

As my birthday, on April 28th approached, I got psyched up for the fun that would come from the BIG event!  A full week before MY big day, my co-workers began a weeklong celebration of my Big 5-0!

The celebration of 50 culminated on the Friday before my birthday with a large celebration.  Approximately 70 friends gathered to celebrate me.  My best friend from childhood flew in to surprise me and my friends helped me raise over $2000 for The Trevor Project.

The party was amazing and will live with me for the rest of my life.  I was truly touched by the love shown me.

My birthday celebration continued on the Saturday and Sunday leading up to my actual day on Monday, April 28th.  By the time the day arrived I was telling people that I was sick of myself and ready for all the kindness to end and let’s get back to normal of telling me that I am an asshole!

Birthday arrived and my work family celebrated with me. At the end of the day I left work for a quiet night at home.

I got home around 5:30 and by 6 I knew I was in trouble.  I could feel something coming on and I didn’t have the energy to get up and treat myself.

Tuesday morning I woke up and could barely get myself out of bed, everything hurt, I had aches on top of my aches and chills would quickly move to sweat.

Over the next few days, I treated my illness with over the counter drugs.  I missed one full day of work staying in bed all day and the days I was there I only made it for a few hours.

Everyone joked that I had celebrated too much for my birthday, whatever it was I hadn’t been that sick in years.  The upshot, I lost 9 pounds in 5 days.

By May 5th, I had recovered enough to get back to work fulltime.  I had no energy, however and I was far behind in my work.  Attention to the blog was unfortunately put on the back-burner.

May 10th, I started vacation.

Now, I am back… finally!  I look forward to getting back to regular blogging and hope that you will be a part of the fun.  Send your comments, observations, ideas or whatever, this blog is for YOU and I hope you will help make it into what you want.

Contact me by leaving a comment below or email me at

Thanks for hanging in with me!

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