Survivor 4/16 Episode – Let’s Rate the Players…. @JeffProbst @Survivor_Tweet

Last night’s episode of Survivor was kind of EHHHH.

The highlight of the night was a pretty good blindside.

With that said, I thought I would review the players left in the game and see where they all stand.

Here we go….

Sur - Jefra Bland  Jefra Bland….

well I think the name says it all.

Is this girl really on the show?

I don’t think I have heard her say a word during the whole season.

Who is she?

Chances of winning….  if she wins, I am done!  ZERO!


Sur - Kass McQuillen Kass McQuillen….

Kass sealed her fate of winning when she switched alliances.

I think Kass will be in the top four or five, but after that she is toast, unless someone gets smart enough to count the votes ahead of time and carry her to the finals.

Chances of winning…. she could pull it off, but I don’t see it.  I believe she comes in 4th place.



Sur - Spencer Bledsoe Spencer Bledsoe…

This kid was one of my initial favorites to win it all.

He is crafty and still has an Idol in his pocket.  I think he is smart enough to keep going.

Maybe 2 or 3?

Chance of Winning…. I know I wouldn’t want to be sitting next to him at the final vote.


Sur - Tasha Fox Tasha Fox…

If I am a player, Tasha is who I am scared of.

Tasha has a good social game and she is competitive.

Someone needs to vote her out soon or she could run the board.

Chance of Winning…  Watch her.


Sur - Tony Vlachos  Tony Vlachos…

Every season there is the guy who I look at and say “why can’t these ding-bats see through him?”

Tony is that guy this year… why can’t these ding-bats see through him??????

Someone needs to blindside this dude STAT or he is going to take your million back to his pretend construction job and leave you with nothing!

Chance of Winning… Good unless someone wises up!


Sur - Trish Hegarty  Trish Hegarty….

Trish is the Sue Hawk of this season.

She is going to get blindsided and she will be bitter.

Watch out for her final jury questions, it will be vicious!

Chance of Winning….  I don’t think so.


Sur - Woo Hwang  Woo Hwang …

My pick since the beginning of the season, but DUDE when did they start delivering weed to the island?

I love this kid, but he needs to make sure his paranoia doesn’t get the best of him.

Chance of Winning… settle down and win a couple more immunity challenges and you can walk away with One Million Dollars!



And then there is Jeff…. aren’t we all the real winners because he is on the show…..



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